This afternoon, by a bipartisan vote of 260 to 167, the 2011 budget compromise bill passed the House of Representatives. John Boehner and House Republicans now send the bill to Harry Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate for final approval. Whether President Barack Obama will be able to sign it before midnight tonight, when the government runs out of money, is debatable, as he will be in Chicago starting his $1 Billion dollar campaign for fund raising. But I′m sure he′ll sign it Friday morning and the federal government won’t miss a beat.

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Today marked the first 100 days of the GOP control of the House. At least they finally passed the budget for the remainder of this fiscal year, which ends on September 30. Something Nancy Pelosi failed to do when she was Speaker. Speaking of Nancy, she led the 108 Democrats who voted against today′s budget bill. Some 59 Republican congressmen, mostly Tea Party freshmen, also broke ranks with Speaker Boehner and voted against the bill as well. Already the critics are out in force saying that the $38.5 Billion in spending cuts actually equals only $14.7 Billion over six years. That only some $355 Million dollars in spending are being cut in the remaining six months of the 2011 fiscal year.

Ready to celebrate? At BoardingArea, there is an article about buying some special discounts from the Hyatt hotels, but you gotta act fast, unlike our Congress! But if you still need more news about Congress, how about reading NetRightDaily new article about how not raising the debt ceiling will not force the U.S. government into default. Over at PowerLineBlog, they take the mask off of Congressman Keith Ellison. The Lonely Conservative posts today about jobless claims rising again.

For you sports fans, read The Volokh Conspiracy about the Barry Bonds conviction. Speaking of misleading, Patterico′s Pontifications dissects Obama’s budget speech yesterday. Another view on Obama′s speech is available at Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion. Speaking of the 2011 budget, an article at The American Spectator reports about how taxpayers are funding another ACORN-like group to the tune of $680 millions!

Oh well, you knew that was going to happen! But at least the GOP Congress under John Boehner cleaned up the mess left by Nancy Pelosi. The 2011 budget has passed the House and Harry Reid and the Democrat-controlled Senate will pass the bill tonight. The federal government will be funded until September 30, giving President Barack Obama plenty of time to attend fundraisers like he is today.