The White House has confirmed that the Obamas will appear on Oprah together for the first time since 2006. Their appearance will almost certainly be their last as Oprah is leaving the show at the end of May.

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The appearance will coincide with the initiation of President Obama’s re-election campaign, as he will be hosting two separate private fund-raising dinners in Chicago. The announcement also comes just as the nation awaits the much anticipated budget speech by Obama today.

Many view today’s speech as vital to the President’s re-election chances. The long-term budget and U.S. debt remain on the forefront of U.S. voter’s minds as the U.S. claws its way out of a recession. The GOP, hoping to capitalize on severe debt increases initiated by the Obama White House, have put forth a budget plan of their own. Interestingly enough, the very medicare cuts championed by the Democrats and eviscerated by the GOP in the mid-term election are a cornerstone in the new Republican budget. No doubt that might be a question that comes up in the Oprah interview.

Still, the President might not be so lucky as to receive the all out support of the talk-show queen this coming election cycle. Some reports have indicated that Oprah may not risk taking sides in this election cycle in order to protect her fledgling OWN TV network, which is the main reason she’s canceling her legendary talk-show this year. Still, aides to the talk-show queen beg to differ.

“Oprah’s support of President Obama has been and remains unwavering since she initially endorsed his candidacy in 2007. Any reports that suggest otherwise are untrue.”

What do you think of the Obamas appearing on Oprah? Will it help the President’s re-election hopes? What do you think of the President’s re-election chances in 2012? Let me know in the comment section!

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