I have to say my feelings swing wildly on this story. After all, I thrill to see these extremist, lefties slaving away for free while their boss makes millions upon millions of dollars off their backs. It’s just too funny. Yet… and yet, I too am a writer that does some work (and too much at that) for free and I fully understand the ire that some of Huffington’s digital plantation slaves feel. And apparently the ire over there has caused at least one guy to take Puffington Post to court. This week Jonathan Tasini filed a class-action lawsuit against HuffPo on behalf of the Puffington plantation’s blogger slaves.

Ever since Arianna Huffington merged her famous blog with AOL and was awarded control of its news services, some of her former bloggers began to get restless. With Arianna getting $315 million buckaroos in her pocket those writers that made her famous with their years of unpaid blogging began to think that they deserved to get a piece of the puffypie at long last.

So, Mr. Tasini has filed his class-action lawsuit on behalf of all those long suffering bloggers. And he wants to make Arianna a “pariah,” in the doing.

Tasini, the lead plaintiff, has been a blogger for Huffpo since December 2005, when the site was just seven months old. According to his blogger page, however, he stopped posting on February 10, three days after the purchase of the site by AOL was announced. I emailed him for more information about the suit; he responded by inviting me to participate in a telephone press conference. (Update: On the call this morning, Tasini vowed to make Huffington “a pariah in the progressive community” and said his goal is to set a precedent that writers must share in the value they create.)

I really do have sympathy for all those bloggers who are on the outside looking in on all that AOL cash. Especially after Arianna made her reputation off their work.

Still, these guys all joined Puffington Post with the understanding that they would not get paid for their blogging. So, with that it is a bit hard to have as much sympathy for them than it would be if they were somehow misled. I mean if they didn’t want to do it for free, well then they should have just quit doing it.

I have blogged for free for years all over the place with the understanding that I was simply earning a sort of “time in” at the job. Making my bones, if you will. That is the exact same deal that the Puffy posters had with HuffPo. Just because Arianna sold her business for millions does not mean that her bloggers naturally deserve any of that cash.

So, I have to say that this lawsuit should be tossed out. PuffPo bloggers don’t deserve a penny.

But you know what they say about an enemy. When your enemies are tearing themselves to pieces with in fighting, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.