Last month, a number of the world’s diplomats met in London and reached the decision that Moammar Gadhafi must leave Libya as a condition for this war to end. Among those speaking out, Hillary Clinton, American Secretary of State, British Foreign Secretary William Hague, and German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle all agreed that Gadhafi has lost his legitimacy; therefore, he must leave Libya. The following week, Obama also made the same contention during interviews on all three major networks.


Well, an interview (see below) that Tom Brokaw conducted with Saudi Arabia Prince Saud Al-Faisal Bin Abdul, and asked him if Saudi Arabia may provide a haven for Gadhafi. The Saudi prince replied that the United States was a much bigger nation. I assume that this was some Middle Eastern form of humorous response.

The question remains that, if we’re going to insist that he leave the country before we stop the war, there has to be an option, or some options, available to him. Otherwise, we’re just saying that we’ll continue the fight until he is dead. Why then would he ever resign?

So far, nations that have been discussed as places for him to live in exile included such vacation resorts as Uganda. Other garden spots where he might move include Zimbabwe, Niger, or Mali, each of which is an ally of his in Africa. Another possibility is Venezuela, since he is a buddy of Hugo Chavez.

An interesting thing is that the United States and its allies do not promise that, even if Gadhafi goes into exile, that they will not capture him and put him on trial. So, we’ve left him with a choice; fight to the death, or agree to stop, go to exile into some woebegone other country, where the rest of the world will likely opt to capture him, put him on trial, and probably put him in prison for the rest of his life. This is how decade long wars begin. I wonder how they end.

Obviously, I don’t think Gadhafi has any redeeming value. I lived in central New York, not far from Syracuse, when the Lockerbie bombing was conducted. I know the pain he caused with this one terrorist act twenty-two years ago. I would have had no problem with us removing him then. However, if that is our rationale for getting involved in this civil war, just say it.