Anti-President Barack Obama has discovered that America has a National Debt problem. So alarmed by this that he has decided to address the nation on Wednesday. Obama is expected to submit his very own plan to solve the Debt Crisis sometime this week, in reaction to the Pathway To Prosperity plan made public last week by Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI). David Plouffe, an Obama adviser, made the rounds on the Sunday talk shows to promote the pending speech. After losing the budget deal to John Boehner last week, Obama now faces the upcoming debt ceiling vote. Meanwhile, two former Obama economic advisers, Christina Romer and Peter Orszag have come out and tossed their former boss under the bus faster than Obama threw his grandma under the bus to protect Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Orszag was probably the most critical, saying the Obama White House was probably the worst ever.

obama debt

Orszag puts it this way – “Many of my mentors warned me that despite the ‘no-drama’ Obama campaign, once in office, this White House would inevitably be like others – and probably worse. And unfortunately that′s exactly what happened.” Christina Romer, who defended Obama and his $800+ Billion dollar stimulus package as it would create jobs, was also harsh on the administration. “I frankly don′t understand why policy makers aren′t more worried about the suffering of real families.” She adds that the national unemployment rate, which the White House claims is at 8.9% while Gallup pegs at it currently at 10%, is “an absolute crisis.”

According to new polls, between 46% to as many as 68% of Americans do not want the U.S. Debt Ceiling raised from its current level of about $14.3 Trillion dollars. Only about 16-24% are in favor of raising it as the House and Senate begin their debate on the subject this week. Treasury Secretary Tim ‘Turbo-Tax’ Geithner warns that the Debt Ceiling will be reached by mid-May. If Congress does not raise it, then many federal programs will be forced to be dropped and shutdown as the government has no more money. Geithner and others warn that America may have to default on the interest payments to the National Debt.

Since becoming America’s first Anti-President, Barack Obama has added about $4 Trillion dollars to the National Debt and his own 2012 budget would add another $15 Trillion over the next 10 years when coupled with his health care law. Due to his lack of leadership on this and other issues, Obama has rightfully earned the title of anti-president. David Plouffe and other cronies may try to spin Obama caving in to John Boehner of the budget deal last week, but any attempts to claim Obama is serious about taming the Debt Ceiling or the National Debt are utterly ridiculous. Even former Obama economic advisers Christina Romer and Peter Orszag are now speaking out on the failings of this White House administration.

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