Forces of Muammar al-Gaddafi are continuing to push Libyan rebels backwards from the city of Brega to Ajdabiya.. Meanwhile, Obama and NATO reconsider their role in Libya. This past week, NATO air strikes hit opposition forces several times, causing some rebels to curse them. Both Presidents Obama and Sarkozy have shifted from merely considering sending weapons to the rebels, but are now considering sending foreign troops in as well. Both leaders are facing rebellions of their own in Washington and Paris. Obama cabinet members like Gates and Clinton are unhappy that he is listening to Samantha Powers more than them. Likewise in Paris, Nicolas Sarkozy is getting flak from his ministers, who are upset with him listening to the true architect of the intervention in Libya, French philosopher and writer, Bernard-Henri Levy.

NATO Libya

Who is Bernard-Henri Levy you ask? He was one of the leaders of the New Philosophy movement in France. Known simply as BHL throughout French intellectual circles, Levy is an old pal of Sarkozy. They were even known to exchange girlfriends! How very French of them!

New Philosophy is rooted in Maoism and Marxism. But they feign not to be from The Left, as we would say here in America. Compared to Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism, which advocates using Reason to liberate the Individual, Levy and the French New Philosophy movement argue that they use Reason to enforce Authoritarianism. To make The State stronger.

In recent years, they have been busy indeed focusing on multiculturalism as a great evil. Much of the recent legislation in France to make it illegal for Muslim women to wear full burqas has come through this bunch of French intellectuals like Levy. While some of us may applaud the move, be careful what you are cheering for, as the latest legislation will also make illegal the wearing of any religious emblems, including Christian crucifixes. This is not a move towards Individual Freedom. On the contrary, this is a move towards Fascism .

So why is Bernard-Henri Levy advising Nicolas Sarkozy to intervene in Libya? To reinstate French Nationalism. Plus, it also helps deflect and distract French citizens from their own national economic problems, already facing drastic austerity measures resulting in domestic social unrest. The fact that France also has a stake in Libyan oil, through the ELF Oil corporation, doesn′t hurt, either.

So while President Barack Obama is listening to Samantha Powers, a Socialist-Progressive, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is listening to Bernard-Henri Levy, who is also a Socialist-Progressive. The NATO intervention in Libya against Muammar al-Gaddafi is less about helping Libyan rebels win back cities like Brega and Ajdabiya, than it is about promoting a Progressive agenda to distract their own domestic populations. As the civil war in Libya continues to go more badly for the rebels, Obama and Sarkozy seem poised to increase NATO involvement by sending foreign ground troops into the fight against Gaddafi. Something which was specifically forbidden in United Nations Resolution 1973. Have a nice day!

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