This one is fun, I have to say. Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown crashed an event dedicated to Ted Kennedy, bounded to the stage and defended the Republican Party in the face of startled guests. Hilarious.

Naturally, I am not a huge fan of the centrist Senator from Massachussets, but he’s certainly better than all the other extreme left-wingers infesting that state. Yes, he a typically liberal East Coast Republican, but, hey, he’s been an ally enough to be a friend. Not like Olympia Snowe or Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords, for instance.

Anyway, that disclaimer made (because if I don’t say it, I will be accused of being a RINO), let’s get to the story‚Ķ

Last week an event held to give tribute to Ted Kennedy, arguably the worst driver in the Bay State and certainly a murderer, was crashed by Sen. Scott Brown. Deval Patrick, the left-wing governor of the state, was on stage ripping conservatives as having sapped “the optimism out of our country.”

Scott Brown couldn’t sit quietly by after these lies were disgorged from Deval’s pie hole.

A “grinning” Brown took to the stage saying that he thought he’d give “a little surprise” to those gathered.

Brown, elected to replace Kennedy last year in a historic stunner, said, “Me of all people, I understand the large shoes I have to fill.” He praised Kennedy’s knack for working across the aisle for compromise, then looked at Patrick and addressed him directly: “I have to go and do the people’s business, Governor, as you referenced. There are good people who do want to move things forward, regardless of their political party.”

Polite, but effective, I’d say.

So, kudos to Senator Scott Brown for not sitting quietly while Patrick uttered his lies and calumny, yet for making his reply a firm but polite one. Great job, Senator!