A government shutdown was averted in the 11th hour Friday as Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans won a decisive victory in Round One of three upcoming fiscal fights. Anti-President Barack Obama and Democrats took one on the chin and caved in on $38.5 Billion in spending cuts. After a day of intense vitriol, with Senator Harry Reid and other Democrats accusing the GOP of wanting to kill women, Obama, Reid and the Democrats sold out women as part of the compromise. While riders to end funding for the abortion mill, Planned Parenthood, were set aside, the compromise does include a separate Senate vote on the matter. The Republicans did sacrifice, for the moment, and gave the Democrats what they really cared about, continued funding for their propaganda arm, NPR, and regulatory thugs in the EPA.

obama democrats lose budget battle

This, of course, shows the true nature and priorities that Obama and the Democrats have. As the 2011 budget battle began in earnest two weeks ago, Democrats railed against Republicans first about wanting Americans to all die from polluted air and water. The truth, of course, is that the GOP wanted to stop the EPA from arbitrarily enacted oppressive laws and regulations without the consent of Congress. Then came claims that the GOP wanted to kill Big Bird as part of defunding NPR and PBS, essential propaganda tools for the Democrats.

Later, Nancy Pelosi weighed in accusing Republicans of wanting starve 6 Million senior citizens by canceling a meals-on-wheels program. Most of the better ones of which are funded through private donations, and only impact some 2.6 million seniors, according to the Washington Post. Pelosi must have confused herself with the 6 million Jews who may soon die as Obama and the Democrats sell out Israel to the Muslim Brotherhood.

But on Friday, as the clocked ran down and all other arguments failed, Harry Reid and the Democrats filled the airwaves with vitriolic hysteria about how ending funds to Planned Parenthood, responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of babies, mostly African-American babies at that. Reid made an impassioned speech about how this would harm the health of his daughters and granddaughters. Other Democrats on Capitol Hill leaped on the issue like a poisonous toad, lashing out at the GOP for wanting to kill all American women.

However, when the negotiations began to break down over a final dollar amount, which was the real sticking issue all along, not the ′social issue riders′, Democrats caved in on the Planned Parenthood funding matter, allowing a floor vote on the Senate. In exchange, the Republicans settled for only $38.5 Billion in spending cuts and withdrew their objections to further funding NPR and the EPA. Anti-President Obama also caved in on his request to hire more IRS agents to enforce his diabolical ObamaCare plan.

So the Democrats lost Round One of the first of three major fiscal battles this year. By next week, the 2011 fiscal year budget will be finalized, something the Democrats failed to do last year when it began on October 1. John Boehner and House Republicans got what they wanted, the sweet taste of victory by averting a government shutdown. Anti-President Barack Obama and Senator Harry Reid must now explain to America′s women why they sold them out to save NPR and the EPA. Of course, women were never threatened anyway by the GOP congressmen. But this does serve as a good example as to what the Democrats priorities are. With 23 Democrat senate seats up for grabs in 2012, the vote to end funding for the abortion mill Planned Parenthood will pass. Who can say how many millions of African-American babies will now get a chance to be born here in America? Certainly more now than yesterday!