From the Mason, Ohio Crime Blotter: For police officer Bradley Walker last Saturday night, it was a pretty typical tour. Then, he was driving around the Cincinnati suburb of Mason at around 2:30 am, when he got word that there was a car accident outside Mason’s Pub. Walker, along with his K-9 dog, Timber, drove to the scene.

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Well, when Walker got to the accident, he decided to leave the dog in the car while he wrote up the accident report. After a few minutes, he heard Timber barking uncontrollably. He returned to his vehicle where he found Ryan James Stephens, also of Mason, standing outside the police car, barking and howling at the confined animal.

When Walker tried to confront Stephens, the alleged perpetrator decided that he had had enough fun and began walking away and wouldn’t stop when the policeman requested him to do so. Eventually, though, Stephens was detained, at which point he explained his actions by stating that he was harassing the animal because the K-9 dog barked at him first. Walker, in his report, noted that Stephens appeared to be intoxicated, which seems to be a sound hypothesis.

By this time, another cruiser had arrived. Stephens was placed in the back of cruiser #2, and it was explained to him that taunting the dog may cause the animal to behave aggressively, which might cause harm to the dog. Charges were then filed against the perp, and he was released into the custody of a bar employee, who presumably drove him home.

I thought I’d share a little story from my youth. My grandparents had both emigrated here from Germany after WW 1. My grandmother, by the 1960’s, still lived in the same house that they had purchased in the 1930’s, now alone, with all of her 8 children having moved to the suburbs or, in our case, to a farm area. Well, her next door neighbor was a K-9 policeman and, concerned about her safety, offered her a K-9 dog that had failed their rigorous training to keep her company and protect her. She taught this dog to obey commands in both German and English.

Well, one morning she went downstairs to the kitchen, and found an intruder glued to a wall, having soiled himself repeatedly with the dog glaring at him in attack mode. He begged her to call the dog off; she told the dog to remain on duty, and then called her neighbor at the precinct and reported the attempted crime. When the policeman asked her if she was in danger, she turned to the intruder, and said ‘Am I in danger?’ The perp replied no, just please call the dog off. Her neighbor said that he would be there as soon as possible.

My grandmother then went to the sink, got the coffeepot, and prepared coffee for the police and herself. When the cops got there, the guy begged to get arrested. My grandma asked the cops if they had time for some coffee and rolls. Every time that the guy moved a muscle, the dog appeared ready to lunge at him. So, the police and my grandma had a leisurely breakfast; following that, they escorted her ‘guest’, where he was remanded to custody. Interestingly, although she was a frail, tiny 80 year old woman, her home was never invaded again.