As the dawn breaks over Washington, DC this Friday morning, Government Shutdown 2011 approaches rapidly as the midnight deadline draws near. Despite the very recent engagement by President Barack Obama on finalizing a 2011 budget with John Boehner and Harry Reid, no deal has yet to emerge. Rumor has it that the House Republicans and Senate Democrats are only about $6 Billion dollars apart in spending cuts, $39 Billion proposed by the GOP to $33 Billion by Democrats. The House passed another continuing resolution yesterday which would fund the government in general for one more week, and guarantee that our military gets paid through till the end of the 2011 fiscal year on September 30. Obama and Reid will not go along. But while all of this smoke and mirrors is going on, George Soros and his gang of elitists will be meeting at Bretton Woods, NH this weekend to decide the fate of the world for the next generation. Great timing, huh?

Bretton Woods
The Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH, will be the scene this weekend of an economic conference that could spell the end of the U.S. dollar…and America!

So what seems to be the problem? Why cannot they close the $6 Billion dollar gap? In one simple term – political ideology. Republicans are standing firm on their intentions to defund NPR and PBS, as well as federal funding for Planned Parenthood and its abortion machinery. The GOP also seeks to cut funding for the Obama health care law as well as prevent the EPA and other federal agencies from arbitrary regulations, such as enacting a carbon cap and tax program.

The budget for fiscal year 2011 was supposed to had been submitted back on April 15, 2010, and voted for by both the House and Democrat controlled Senate before September 30, 2010. Nancy Pelosi, then Speaker of the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, balked, fearing voter retribution in the November elections. The American people were not amused anyway, and tossed Pelosi and the Democrats out of power. The political chicanery of Pelosi and Reid backfired.

Presideent Obama panicked after the November elections, forcing him to back-peddle on extending the Bush Tax Cuts, which were set to expire on January 1, 2011. Had the cuts expired, the average American household earning $40,000 a year would have had to pay an extra $2,000 more in income taxes this year. So much for that only being for the rich. Oddly enough, since the tax cuts were extended, consumers are spending money a bit more freely again. What a coincidence?

Many in the Tea Party, who heavily supported the 86 newly elected Republican members of Congress, want Washington to exercise some fiscal responsibility. Since Pelosi, Reid and the Democrats took over the House and Senate in 2006, they have added over $7 Trillion dollars in new debt, expanding the size and scope of the federal government by nearly 40%. President Obama has added $5 Trillion in new debt since his election in 2008, and his latest budget plan for 2012 would add another $15 Trillion over the next 8-10 years. Even more if interest rates increase, as we are only paying about one-third the interest on our current debt as we did in 2006.

America is broke! Even more to the point, we have nearly max-ed out the national credit card as the country draws closer to reaching the Debt Ceiling. Everyday, we are adding some $4 Billion dollars in new debt. In the month of February, we added about $220 Billion of new debt in just 28 days. You cannot blame George W. Bush for that! The Democrats kicked the can and punted the 2011 budget when they controlled the 111th Congress. Now, the Republicans in the House of Representatives are trying to slam on the brakes. Obama talked about Bush and the GOP driving the car into a ditch. Obama, Pelosi and Reid and the Democrats are driving the car, and the country, right off an economic cliff into the abyss. If something is not done immediately, America will cease to be a sovereign nation.

While all of this political theater is going on in Washington, George Soros and his pals are meeting in Breton Woods discussing a new, global economic order. One which replaces Bretton Woods I, which since World War Two made the U.S. Dollar the reserve currency of the world. One might even suggest that the timing of this budget battle was done to mask events in the sleepy New Hampshire town where the planet′s elites and swells are planning our real future. A future where America is systematically dismantled and carved up by the elites. The four-day conference begins today, just as everyone′s attention is turned to Washington.

Will Government Shutdown 2011 take place at midnight tonight? Probably. Even if President Barack Obama, John Boehner and Harry Red reach an agreement today, the legislation would not pass both the House and Senate until Tuesday or Wednesday. House Republicans and Senate Democrats will get something that each wants, but the optics this weekend will be focused on Americans unable to visit national parks and such. While the TV cameras show little Timmy crying for being locked out of Yellowstone Park, or his mom and dad worried about not getting their tax return, the real action happening in Bretton Woods this weekend will be ignored by The Media. But they, especially George Soros, shall not escape my eye! Stay tuned for updates!

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