Legendary comedian Bill Cosby slammed Donald Trump on NBC’s TODAY show with Meredith Vieira. The comedian said he was tired of hearing Trump deliberate, and that he should “run or shut up.”

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Appearing on NBC for an interview about his work in cleaning up disadvantaged schools and neighborhoods, Cosby quickly became irritated when the conversation switched to an earlier guest, rumored GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump. When Vieira asked why Cosby had so little time for the corporate mogul, his reply more than clarified the comedian’s opinion of the man.

“Because he’s full of it,” he said. Adding, “You run or shut up.”

The “Apprentice” star recently surprised pundits when he took second in a national poll for republican candidates, just behind Mitt Romney. Surely, said Vieira, you would have to take Trump seriously if he did officially run.

“No, I don’t,”” Cosby replied. “Not him, not him. Look, people have run for president for any reason. Come on, open your mouth — run!”

Trump has made it fairly clear that he’s waiting for his current “Celebrity Apprentice” season to finish before announcing his intentions. If he announces running sooner, NBC would be forced to cancel the show in order to comply with election law.

So, despite the legendary comedian’s disdain for Trump, it’s fair to assume most informed people wouldn’t share his impatience with the “Celebrity Apprentice” star. The real issue, reflected by Cosby’s reaction, is whether voters are really going to take Trump seriously. Yes, the man has some serious corporate credentials, but that didn’t help Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina in the mid-term elections. On top of that, he’s a reality TV star. Unless you follow Sarah Palin’s plan for presidency, that’s a bad thing!

As for the legendary comedian’s opinion of our current President, it’s glowing.

“I like him very, very much,”” he told Vieira. “I love his wife, I love his children, I love his mother-in-law. I think they have a dog — I love his dog.”

What do you think of Bill Cosby’s slamming of Donald Trump on NBC? Is the comedian out of line? Or does his attitude reflect public sentiment? Let me know in the comment section!

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