Surprising absolutely no one, John Boehner cried again yesterday during a GOP meeting discussing the impending shutdown of the government. According to an aide present at the meeting, emotions got the better of the House Speaker once more after a standing ovation from his fellow congressmen.

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At first, America accepted the Speaker of the House’s emotional side as a refreshing show of humanity from the usually stoic government leaders. But every successive tear-up has caused more and more worry over the GOP man’s mettle in tough situations.

This situation, if anything, is certainly a tough one. With Democrats and Republicans at a stalemate over the government budget for 2011 and the current budget expiring this Friday, pressure is growing by the hour on politicians on both sides of the aisle. Right now, conservatives don’t need another display of emotion in congress, they need a leader that shows no signs of cracking.

“This is not exactly the first impression you want to make to the American people,” said Republican strategist Ed Rollins. “We’ve seen his sensitive side enough already. But a sensitive side isn’t what the country wants to see in a strong leader. He’s got to show strength and leadership and a willingness to stand up to the president. You never saw Pelosi crying”

For now though, let’s just hope Dems and Republicans can find some middle-ground before Friday. Following a late-night meeting between Reid, Boehner, and President Obama, all parties seemed upbeat about reaching a compromise before Friday. “I do believe we made some progress,” said the Speaker of the House, dry-eyed this time.

“I thought the meetings were frank, they were constructive and what they did was narrow the issues and clarify the issues that are still outstanding,” said Obama following the meeting.

I think we can all agree that conceding in a few areas and making some compromises would be better than a full out government shutdown! Where do you stand on the Government budget talks? Do you think John Boehner cries too much? Let me know in the comment section!

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Photos: Devorah