According to an article in the Mail Online, John Edwards, ex-Senator, ex-Vice Presidential nominee, ex-Presidential candidate, and the man who is known for bringing disgraceful behavior to new lows, is now contemplating suicide.

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He is now facing the prospect of prison time because of how he chose to fund some of his ‘activities’, and is reported to have told a close friend that ‘I won’t go to jail. I’ll kill myself first.’ This may be the option preferred by some of his avid campaign workers who still feel betrayed by his actions. According to the article, it seems as if he has lost 20 pounds in the last year, and has decided for the time being to make alcohol his drug of choice as his life veers off of the sanity highway.

Last month, his high-priced legal team advised him that they believe that he is likely to be indicted for his actions, which caused him to become even more morose. As we recall, his long-term liaison with Rielle Hunter, who was hired to photograph his Presidential campaign eventually became public. Details such as the revelation that the affair led to a love child, and that his close aides assisted in the cover-up of his affair contributed to this debacle.

One of his closest friends, Andrew Young, claimed responsibility for the baby. It is still unknown whether Ms. Hunter also had a relationship with Young while engaging with the candidate or whether this was a sham. Young has since claimed that he never actually had a relationship with the photographer, but was merely covering up for the Senator. Young may be the star witness against his former friend. Young apparently has gotten hold of a sex tape involving Edwards and Hunter and refuses to give it back to the actress/photographer/paramour despite her repeated requests.

What makes this a matter for the courts rather than just something that requires us to take a shower to make us feel less dirty is that there are allegations that some of Edwards’ wealthy contributors rained large sums of money into the campaign solely to be used as hush money.

Young and his wife, Cheri appeared on a number of interview programs to discuss the incident. Cheri said that although she won’t reveal the details, she observed Edwards’ naked body (which, to the casual observer, seems like a detail). A video of the couple on The View follows.

What made this whole affair particularly repugnant was that Edwards insisted upon presenting himself as the ideal family man, campaigning side by side with his wife Elizabeth, who was suffering from cancer, and who has since passed away.

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