Glenn Beck made it official today, he will be ending his daily 5pm program on the Fox News Channel by the end of the year. But, Glenn is not leaving Fox News, entirely. This was also confirmed by Roger Ailes at FNC. For weeks now, many on the Far-Left have been speculating about Fox News trying to dump Beck because of sagging ratings and fleeing advertisers. The modest decline in ratings, about 8%, did not change the fact that his show still dominated the 5pm time slot on cable news. In fact, his program had a larger audience than most prime-time news shows on the other networks, combined. As far as advertisers leaving, that is an old story as those who bent to the whims of Progressive political action groups had already done so back in mid-2009. So why is Glenn Beck leaving and what will he do now?

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During his program today on Fox News, Glenn Beck said that he will still be producing specials which will air periodically. He will most likely also remain as a regular guest contributor, appearing regularly on Fox and Friends in the morning and the O′Reilly Factor in the evenings. But Glenn admitted that it was never his intention to do a daily program forever. Why should he? The guy has books coming out every few months, a magazine, his nationally syndicated radio show, and his online Beck TV venture as well as a new Internet news site, Along with all of that, Beck has a very active schedule of personal appearances, including many which are aired nationally via satellite to movie theaters.

Beck′s impact on America′s political scene has been significant over the past two years. So much so that the George Soros-funded Progressive groups like Media Matters have full-time staffs of 80+ people doing nothing all day except attacking Glenn on the Internet. There have been several major labor union campaigns against Beck which began in early 2009, including jabs from the Obama White House. But through it all, Glenn prevailed.

Glenn Beck’s announcement today that he will be ending his daily 5pm program on the Fox News Channel is neither a defeat, nor a retreat. Instead, he is shifting gears. Anyone who is a premium member at Glenn′s website knows that he has already been producing a great deal of content, including well-researched and highly crafted documentaries. Last year, he even launched his own ′online university′ to provide additional information to fans and a forum for guest speakers as well. George Soros, Media Matters, and others will undoubtedly crow about how they succeeded in driving Beck off of television, but they may not have seen the last of Beck yet. There has also been speculation about him taking his online TV channel, which features programs starring folks like S.E. Cupp, and bringing it to cable and satellite networks.

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