“Nancy — you’re The Best.” Those four words are indicative of Trump’s biggest stumbling block for winning a GOP primary: his past coziness with various Democrats.

The “Nancy” referenced above is, of course, none other than that ever lovin,’ Cruella DeVilleish, former Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Trumps sent her this little love note in January of 2007.

It isn’t just this one note that will doom Trump’s chances of ever winning a GOP primary, though. It is this coupled with the many thousands of dollars that he has donated to Democrat politicians for their political campaign funds.

Even as late as last year, Trump was donating thousands of dollars to high profile, ideologically extreme Democrats like Charlie Rangel. He has even donated over $100,0000 to the Democrat Senatorial Committee.

Trump has also donated thousands to various Republicans.

Trump’s registration history has shifted over time. He was originally and for many years a Democrat but re-registered as an independent for a time and is now registered as a Republican.

Now, as a non-political businessman, such donations can easily be explained away as the cost of doing business. But Trump is now trying to claim he is Mr. Republican without accounting for his sudden conversion.

It would be one thing if his donations went to centrist Democrats. But he donated to extremists like John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy. Once this becomes common knowledge he will not be able to explain it all away as just business.

Donald Trump simply cannot win a Republican Primary and this is just one reason.


My friend Shane Vander Hart also tackled the Trump question today.