There is no bed of roses for President Barack Obama.! Being elected under the false premise of being the most internationally astute president in history, Obama has made yet another foreign policy blunder which will cost American consumers and small businesses. On February 12, President Obama allowed a trade agreement with Columbia expire. The Andes Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act, or ATPDEA, ended special discounts in America for purchasing flowers from Columbia, which supplies the United States with about 80% of all roses and cut flowers. Why, you may ask? Obama was placating to union supporters like Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO, because the ATPDEA also allowed for the U.S. to important cheap textiles from Columbia, too. However, Obama failing to renew the trade agreement could impact some 200,000 jobs in Columbia, as well as and estimated 220,000 jobs here in America. So much for jobs being important to Obama! The cost of roses and other cut flowers will increase, as well as a many types of clothing.

obama cost of roses

So now, florists, most of whom are small businesses, as well as many smaller clothing makers and retailers, will be forced to pay more for their inventory. Which, in turn, means that America consumers will have to pay more, as well. Shortly after being sworn into office, 67 of the House Republican freshmen members of Congress sent a letter to President Obama urging him to renew ATPDEA in time as to not effect the flower industry before Easter and Mother′s Day, two of the single largest business days for the floral industry. But, apparently Obama is more interested in sending a bouquet to the unions rather than to mothers of America.

Other trade agreements with Panama, South Korean and six other nations are also languishing away in some dusty corner of the White House as President Barack Obama ignores them. With the 2012 reelection campaign now beginning for him, Obama has chosen to submit to the will of union supporters like AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka. By allowing the Andes Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act to expire on February 12, the cost of roses and cut flowers, 80% of which come from Columbia, will now have a tariff slapped on of between 3.6% to 6.8%. So when American consumers buy flowers for their wives, sweethearts, mothers and grandmothers, be sure and blame Obama and union thugs for why the your roses cost more. Clothing prices will also increase as well. Oh, but on the bright side, Americans should be able to enjoy a healthier supply of cocaine, though. Thanks, President Obama! What a guy! Oh, by the way, speaking of cocaine and Obama foreign policy blunders, Ecuador wants to expel Obama’s ambassador, Heather Hodge, after an email she sent about their chief of police being corrupt was made public by WikiLeaks. The hits just keep right on coming!

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