We’re all aware of what is going on in the state of Wisconsin. To recap, Governor Scott Walker has implemented a number of policies which the legislature has agreed to which have been heavily disputed. Well, both sides in the debate anticipate that the matter will eventually go to the State Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is closely divided with the conservatives having an edge by one vote. Today, one of the pivotal seats is up for grabs, and the results so far with about half of the votes tallied, is evenly split.

Until the recent battle in the state legislature there was not much doubt that the incumbent, David Prosser, would win. His opponent was a little known environmental lawyer, JoAnne Kloppenberg. However, with both sides in the policy dispute recognizing the importance of this seat, a ton of resources on both sides has been thrown into the battle. Turnout is huge, similar to the 1996 Presidential race. Here is a link so you can follow the up to the minute tally from AP.

With about 3/4 of the votes tallied, more than a million thus far, the two candidates are about 5,000 votes apart.

Now, at 10:56 Central Time, with 1.2 million votes cast, Kloppenberg has opened a 10,000 vote lead.

Now, at 11:06 Central Time, with 1.25 million votes cast, Kloppenberg has widened her lead to 35,000 votes.

Now, at 11:10 Central, with 1.3 million votes counted, her lead is down to 4,000 votes.

At 11:20 Central, with 1.35 million votes counted (3284 precincts out of 3630), her lead is still 4,000.

At 11:30, 3346 precincts counted, Prosser has a 1,000 vote lead.

11:40, 3435 precincts counted, Prosser’s lead is 2,000.

11:50, 3505 precincts counted, lead is still 2,000.

midnight, 3528 precincts, Prosser’s lead is now 5,000.

12:10, 3532 precincts, Prosser’s lead is 2,000.

12:20, 3533 precincts out of 3630, lead is about 1,000. It appears that we won’t know the results until the absentees are counted.