Things are getting desperate in the cable news world. Geraldo Rivera dodges bullets in Libya. Anderson Cooper is conducting dubious interviews with alleged rape victim Eman A-Obeidy from Libya over the telephone. When President Barack Obama began this phony humanitarian intervention in the Libyan civil war, CNN came out in front as ‘The War Channel’. Even while Cooper was still in Japan covering the disaster there, he began a steady drum-beat of rah-rah cheering for the war. Now, Geraldo has unfurled his sail as Mr. War Correspondent, taking his show on the road to Benghazi. An odd move since most of the commentators and contributors to the Fox News Channel are opposed to Obama′s intervention in Libya. But, of course, Geraldo Rivera is the Fox News fossil delegate of the ‘Old Media’.

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Last night on AC360, Cooper displayed a telephone interview allegedly with alleged rape and torture victim, Eman A-Obeidy. Last week, dramatic footage was broadcast as Eman burst into a hotel in Tripoli occupied by foreign journalists. She proceeded to scream and wail about being held for two days by 15 of Muammar al Qaddafi’s men who raped and beat her. A scuffle ensued as hotel staff and Libyan agents ushered her away while manhandling a few journalists.

If you watch the video of this, which CNN plays almost every hour, especially during AC360, you have to ask a couple of questions. Not the least of which is does Qaddafi′s army need to be instructed by somebody like a Chris Brown in how to beat up a woman? In the video, Eman claims to have bruises and scars but such are not very apparent. Nowhere near as apparent as what Brown did to Rihanna in just a couple of minutes. Ignoring other realities like if Eman really was raped and tortured for two day by Qaddafi′s soldiers, she would either be dead, or certainly not running around loose to visit hotels or make phone calls to Anderson Cooper. Are they that low on ammunition that they cannot spare one round to the back of her head? If we believe Cooper and Obama, these guys are evil and were ready to massacre thousands. What′s one woman more?

Speaking of the supply of ammunition, there seems to be no shortage at all with the Libyan rebels. Ever time they see a TV camera, they pose and blast away wildly into the air. During Geraldo Rivera′s Libyan adventure, he and a cameraman went for a ride to ‘The Front’. In this case, a road towards the oil port city of Brega. But ‘The Front’ turns out to be maybe two Toyota pickup trucks worth of rebels. Geraldo claims that Qaddafi’s troops are firing at them, but who can say? The video aired by him on Fox News really just shows rebels behind him blasting away at something. Maybe a passing bird they hope to eat for lunch? Even Geraldo gasps his exasperation that these Libyan rebels are clueless on small arms discipline.

This brings me back to a point I’ve made several times the past few weeks. Those of us who have actually read the 1975 book by James F. Dunnigan, How To Make War, know several important facts. First, that most wars in the modern era have been started by governments to cover up domestic problems. Like, say for example, growing public push-back on austerity programs in France and the UK, or the Bunga-Bunga-Party scandal in Italy, or the general political woes of Barack Obama in America. Another crucial point that Dunnigan teaches us is that in a ‘real war’, most of the dirty work is done by artillery. More than half of all casualties result from indirect artillery fire, with the second largest cause being from mines and booby-traps. Casualties from small arms fire represent a very low percentage, generally between 3-5%, historically speaking.

Given that it takes about two years of serious training to create an effective combat soldier, it does not seem likely that the Libyan rebels have any hope in winning this thing any time soon without massive help from us. We’ve been in Afghanistan for nearly a decade now trying to help train an army there to fight against insurgents of the Taliban and al Qaeda. This civil war in Libya is not going to be over in 90 weeks, let alone 90 days. Quite frankly, I have not seen any video of Qaddafi′s troops committing atrocities yet. Not like, say, back after Gulf War I when Saddam′s troops were putting down the Shiite uprising. Who can forget some 300,000 Shiites systemically murdered, and whole cities like Karbala leveled in 1991?

While Geraldo Rivera dodges bullets in Libya, Anderson Cooper allegedly interviews a woman, Eman A-Obeidy, who claims she was raped and tortured for two days by 15 of Muammar al Qaddafi’s soldiers. CNN wants to be ‘The War Channel’ in a lame attempt to garner ratings. Geraldo seeks glory in his own way to maintain some relevance as a dinosaur of the Old Media in the age of the New Media. The Fox News Channel does not have to be ‘The War Channel’, because it′s ratings are already very good, dominating cable news. If anything Fox News is now the ‘The Anti-War Channel’ as most of its on-air personalities oppose the intervention in Libya by President Barack Obama.

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