Katie Couric leaving CBS? Or was Katie Couric fired by CBS? That is the question! The friendly mass media is giving us the impression that Katie is quitting on her own, ready to seek out new challenges, new opportunities. Some are making the excuse that the reason Katie Couric is bombing on the CBS Evening News is because she is a woman! But let us look at this more seriously. Her contract ends in June and why would CBS want to pay her more money for losing most of her audience? After all, if they did renew her contract, they would have to pay her even more money than the $15 Million a year she is getting already.

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Now, you may recall how a few weeks ago, the New York Times, the ‘paper of record’ that never-ever lies nor invents news, was spreading a rumor around about how the Fox New Channel was looking to get rid of Glenn Beck. How his contract ends this December and how Beck has “lost his power” because his audience is down maybe 200,000 daily viewers. Let us keep in mind that in terms of percentages, Beck′s drop in audience is less than 8% from his peak. Let us also keep in mind that Beck still clobbers his competitors at MSNBC and CNN combined, and that they did not inherit any of the defecting viewers.

But sweet Katie Couric is leaving CBS on her own accord, or so ‘THEY’ say. This in the face of her audience plummeting, that′s right, plummeting from an all-time high of over 13 million viewers to an nightly average of just over 4 million viewers. By my math, that is over two-thirds, or about 67%. Somewhat more substantial than Beck′s loss of maybe 8%. Of course, not much is reported either about the general discord within CBS News over massive lay-offs due to declining viewers and advertising income. Maybe they should start running ads for gold bullion buyers and heirloom survival seeds?

So the general story from the Mass Media is that Katie Couric is leaving CBS Evening News all on her own. Nobody wants to be honest and tell you that CBS had absolutely no intention of offering her a contract renewal. So was Katie Couric fired from CBS? Probably…maybe. She might still get some face-time to sooth her ego and spare management embarrassment by allowing her to appear on 60 Minutes now and then. She′ll probably land some daytime talk show someplace, maybe on Oprah′s network? That would be about her speed. Meanwhile, the Mass Media continues to fib about Glenn Beck and Fox News Channel, too. Though in his case, losing 8%, about 200,000 viewers, was more about separating the wheat from the chaff while in Katie Couric’s case, is was just a mass exodus.

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