It is official! Barack Obama is launching his 2012 presidential reelection campaign bid today. Paperwork must still be filed with the Federal Election Commission, but early this morning Obama released the first campaign video on the Internet, entitled It Begins With Us. The heart-touching story of ‘real’ Americans concerned about keeping Obama in the White House for another four years. But while Barack Obama lines up his 1 billion dollar campaign war chest, with most of that coming from Big Unions and Wall Street, the Obama approval rating continues to slip beneath the waves. Of course, the good news for folks like me is that now it′s time to stub out the cigarettes, put the silk scarf on and get ready for some good, old fashioned dogfighting. Bandits at Twelve O’clock! You can watch the video below and judge for yourself just how sappy and lame it is?

obama 2012 reelection

Is Barack Obama just a shadow of his former self as he launches his 2012 reelection campaign?

Yes sir! The gloves are off and the battle is now engaged. One would think that Obama would have waited until next week in order to give that whole bipartisan cooperation thing one last try with the 2011 budget due this coming Friday. But, it would appear that Obama, and Democrats in general, want there to be a government shutdown. We are not even talking yet about raising the Debt Ceiling, another major issue facing the nation in a matter of weeks, if not days. I will not even mention the 2012 budget as we all know that will be argued over all summer long.

The video itself is sappy and lame. A collection of alleged ‘real’ Americans talk about how the Obama 2012 reelection campaign is something they want to be involved in. It begins with us. That is the theme for Obama’s opening salvo. He must begin to trot out his army of foot soldiers to hit the streets. Of course, no real issues are mentioned. No ideas, no substance, no anything. Not even Obama himself! In fact, one actor-citizen says “He’s got a job to do. We cannot expect him to come out and energize us.” Yeah, like he really could these days?

So Obama 2.0 begins with a whimper, not a bang. Sort of like having a gentle mother tell you in a soft voice that it′s time to wake up and get ready for school. Of course, the alarm clock had already gone off 30 minutes ago and it will probably be another hour before you actually sit up and notice the morning. That about sums up your average Obama supporter. A long slumber after being let down the past two years. Lulled into a deep sleep while few, if any, of his campaign promises were made whole. Nothing to really cheer about.

Barack Obama begins his 2012 reelection campaign today. Even before filing officially with the Federal Election Commission, his committee to reelect has issued a video commercial on the Internet. The theme of which is It Begins With Us. It certainly does begin, and ends with you! Since Obama has not done anything worthwhile to justify a second term in office. The sleepy ad is low-key and shy of any substance, much like Obama himself. While he may raise as much as 1 billion dollars from his fat-cat money bags, all the cash in the world may not help overcome the low Obama approval rating in the polls. So you Democrats can go back to sleep for at least another sixteen months or so. Without a genuine challenger in the primaries, the 2012 Obama campaign will resemble a march of zombies more so than an energized, political campaign.

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