New scientific information coming to light is putting the damper on global warming mythology. A seismic shift is occurring to a position of healthy scientific skepticism.

Scientists have made inroads with the public in the last year by patiently explaining that historical global warming cycles are naturally occurring rather than man-made. And evidence is emerging that this natural global warming cycle, although less severe that than the fear-mongers are imagining, may still bring benefits to animal and plant life diversification, and to people.

Now the latest British poll shows that science is beginning to beat the hype about global warming.

-56% of the public believe the truth, which is that global warming claims are hotly debated in scientific circles.

-The majority believe that global warming claims are exaggerated. Hello Al Gore.

The Royal Society of Britain is in denial about the latest poll. They chalk up the public’s healthy skepticism to ignorance. There is “still a lot to do” to encourage “low-carbon lifestyles” said a representative.