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Last July, Hillary Clinton came up with an interesting idea. Since our combat troops would be leaving Iraq (eventually), but the diplomats would have to remain behind with only a few soldiers, someone would be needed to protect the State Department employees. So, Ms. 3:00 wake-up call advised the Congress that she would need a few things.

What the State Department requested be placed under its control were such minor weaponry as 24 Blackhawk helicopters, 50 bomb-resistant vehicles, a number of heavy cargo trucks, fuel trailers, and high tech surveillance systems. Oh, and Clinton also requested that she have the authority to hire mercenaries to work solely on State Department matters. She also requested that these things be placed under her specific control.

Well, even Clinton’s long-term allies in Congress couldn’t stomach a cabinet secretary equipping and manning her own military force, outside of the constitutional confines that have been in force for nearly 250 years now. To lessen her humiliation, they just allowed her request to die silently in committee.

But if there is one thing that we should have learned about the Clintons, only through humiliation do they change their behavior. Think about it. Beginning in 1991, rumors were everywhere about Billy’s need for companionship. These stories only escalated over time. You might think that this would cause him to be extra careful about his escapades. However, only until we were force-fed for a year stories about souvenir stains on dresses and on the Oval Room rug, and had to go through an impeachment, did he finally keep his behavior more covert.

Think about Hillary in 2008. Everyone who could add knew that she had lost the nomination fight months before she finally conceded. But she wanted every person who owed something to the Clintons to go on record that they were no longer her obedient subjects before she finally, gracelessly, left the race.

Now, Lindsey Graham, of all people, went on Face the Nation today (see video below) for the umpteenth time. Here are the relevant quotes from the interview:

Senator Lindsey Graham: …In 2011, all troops are supposed to leave Iraq, American troops. I do not believe the State Department can carry on their mission of helping the Iraqi government and people, reconstitute their society to help them build a civil society without American forces there to provide security, air– air power, logistical support the Iraqi army. This idea of being pushed that we’ll have State Department army, I will not vote for that. I will not support that. We need American troops in 2012, ten to fifteen thousand, left behind in Iraq to provide to security to our people who are helping the Iraqi people maintain air superiority to have an edge against Iran. And to make sure that the Iraqi army—

BOB SCHIEFFER: You– you say a State Department army. What are– you’re going to have to explain that. What are you talking about? What are they planning here?

LG: Well, here’s the back-up plan. If all military forces have withdrawn from Iraq in 2011, the State Department has come to the Congress and said we’re going to need over fifty MRAPs, mine resistant vehicles. We need a fleet of helicopters and thousands of private security guards to protect us as we go to the four consulates in Iraq to do our job to help the Iraqis build a civil society out of a dictatorship. I think that is a losing formula.

I do not believe the State Department should have an army, that that that’s not the way to provide security to our State Department. That if we’re not smart enough to work with the Iraqis to have ten to fifteen thousand American troops in Iraq in 2012, Iraq could go to hell.

BS: I– I — I’m sorry. But I find this a– a hard to believe. Are you talking about we’re going to arm our diplomats and put them in these kinds of vehicles that people are driving around in Iraq now?

LG: Yeah. You’ve got it, Bob. That we’re going to have private security guards providing security. I think American soldiers and the Iraqi army should provide security. We’re talking about helicopters, a fleet of helicopters so they can get around to the four consulates, spread throughout Iraq. We’re talking about MRAPs, mine resistant vehicles bought by the State Department, a mini State Department army. We’ve never done that before. That will fail. I’m urging the Obama administration to work with the Maliki administration in Iraq, to make sure that we have enough troops ten to fifteen thousand beginning in 2012, to secure the gains we’ve achieved to make sure Iran doesn’t interfere with the Iraqi sovereignty and– and to develop this country. We can’t do it with a State Department army and I will not
support that. This is a defining moment in the future of Iraq. And the Obama administration has the wrong strategy in Libya and in my view they’re– they’re going down the wrong road when it comes to Iraq.

The video of the entire interview is below.

Now if there is one person that we might not want to have in control of a rogue army with modern armaments, it is our Secretary of State. Can you imagine how many more wars she will start then?