Can America Survive? by John Hagee is a mix of politics, high-level intrigue and Biblical apocalyptic thinking. Pastor Hagee is a controversial figure. You may recall how Senator John McCain rapidly distanced himself from Hagee during the 2008 presidential campaign. The pastor takes many events a bit too far in his literal interpretations. Such as how Hitler was sent by God to teach us a lesson. I can see John McCain now, “Exit…Stage Left!”

The focus of Hagee’s book are the two main concerns he sees as trouble for America in the near future, the economy and nuclear terrorism. He often refers to a shadowy contact he claims to have within Israeli intelligence, who occasionally visits Hagee in person to tell him some juicy news. For example, how Iran is preparing to launch a multi-pronged war against Israel, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the Western world in general. The source also tells Hagee that if you want to buy a Scud missile, you can pick one up these days for only $100,000. The perfect platform to fit a small nuke on top of and use as an EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse, weapon.

can america survive by john hagee
Can America Survive? by John Hagee. Image Source: Simon and Schuster.

Another source of doom and gloom that John Hagee uses repeatedly in his book is former FBI agent, Paul L. Williams, a terrorism expert. According to Williams, al Qaeda not only has a nuclear weapon, it has perhaps as many as seven ALREADY IN THE UNITED STATES! The target cities are: New York City, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and, of course, Washington, DC. Williams also shares that he knows of a British intel operation that infiltrated al Qaeda and how they also reached the same conclusion that Bin Laden does indeed have nukes.

Hagee relates how Williams is concerned about how one terrorist was actually arrested in Pakistan carrying a ‘back-pack bomb’. Again we hear more about the potential for an al Qaeda owned cargo ship to get close enough to launch their own Scud missile, tipped with a small nuke, to be used as an EMP weapon. Williams is discouraged that our justice department and federal courts will not allow search warrants of American mosques, where he believes these weapons are being hidden.

Then we get to the economic time bomb we are sitting on. America is broke! We are neck-high in debt and the situation is only getting worse to the tune of another $5 Billion dollars of debt per day. Obama and the Democrats continue to push for expanding the size and scope of government. The reckless spending and over regulation of the private sector is plunging America into a depression which in many respects is far worse than that of the 1930s.

Can America Survive? by John Hagee mixes the realities of our global circumstances with Biblical prophecy. While Hagee admits, as all preachers do, that he does not know the “hour and the day”, he suspects that 2012 may be a crucial year. As for many of his assertions, I have heard similar information from other sources. That al Qaeda may already have a number of nuclear weapons is not new news. Some experts put the number of missing Soviet weapons between 40 to as many as 80 warheads. Agree or disagree with John Hagee, the preacher, his outlook, as grim as it may be, falls within the realm of the possible.

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