A series of the latest polls show President Barack Obama with his lowest approval rating since taking office. The Quinnipiac Poll shows Obama with 42 percent job approval, down 3 points since last month. Those who disapprove of Obama increased 1 point to 48%. The most recent Rasmussen Poll shows that those who “Strongly Disapprove” increased to 43%, dropping 2 points since last month. The difference between those who “Strongly Approve” 27%, and “Strongly Disapprove”, 43%, is minus 16 points, a huge gap. Overall, only 47% approve in general to 52% disapproving of Obama’s job performance. Another indicator that Obama is losing the ′message′ game is that 57% are in favor of shutting the government down. Only Gallup still shows Obama with a slight edge, 46% approving to 45% disapproving, though a mean average of the last full week of March has Obama’s approval rating at 45% and 47% disapproving. Even his overall numbers from Gallup show a negative trend as he lost 2 points from last month.

obama job approval poll drops

If Obama thought he was going to ′Wag the Dog′ and score points with kinetic military action in Libya, he was wrong! Initial polls show only 48% in favor, the lowest of any start of a military operation. Since then, some polls show numbers as high as 67% opposed to U.S. intervention in Libya. In the Quinnipiac Poll, a whopping 74% do not believe Obama when he says the intervention in Libya will be of a short duration.

On domestic issues, Obama has a mixed bag. On health care, his ‘show-piece’ hallmark of his administration, most polls still indicate a majority in opposition to almost dead-even. On the economy, his numbers are even worse, with the range of 75-82% of Americans still believing that the country is on the wrong track, going in the wrong direction.

As the Obama approval rating dropping to 42 percent and he considers starting his reelection bid this week, the Quinnipiac Poll shows Obama only getting 36% to 37% for an ″unnamed″ Republican challenger. It′s not a good sign when Candidate ‘X’ beats you! Among Democrats, only 80% approve of Obama′s performance. Republicans are harsher with only 9% approving and 81% disapproving. But where President Barack Obama has the most to worry about is among Independents, with 50% disapproving and only 39% giving Obama a passing grade. Based on gender, Men disapprove 52% to only 41% approving, while the all-important vote from women is split even at 44%. Democrats generally need a healthy majority of women voters to win an election. At RealClearPolitics, his average approval rating is still slightly higher, due in large part to the wildly divergent results of the state-controlled media: AP, CBS and CNN polling data. Every other ‘professional poll’ has Obama in red ink.

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