I spend a lot of my time trying to make sense of policy and political polls. Well, Pew announced a poll yesterday that just leaves me bewildered. The numbers not only seem out of whack individually, but even looked at together they don’t make much sense.

This poll is conducted regularly by Pew and they generally refer to it as their News IQ quick. They ask a series of questions, and see what percentage of respondents get them right, or in some cases are close enough.

Here are the results:

80% knew that No Child Left Behind is about education;

73% knew that Hillary Clinton’s job is Secretary of State;

71% knew that the country that Gaddhafi is leader of was Libya;

63% knew that the Wisconsin protests are about union/labor;

57% knew that the current unemployment rate is around 9%

55% knew that the founder of Facebook was Zuckerberg;

43% knew that Boehner’s job was Speaker of the House;

40% knew that we get more electricity from coal than any other resource;

39% knew that the percentage of obese Americans was about 25%;

38% knew that the Republicans control the House; and

29% knew that the federal government spends more on Medicare than anything else.

Okay, first things first. I have to admit that the only thing that I didn’t know on this little test, the majority of Americans actually knew, and that is that some guy named Zuckerberg founded Facebook. Where did they get that from? How could anyone know this?

There, I’m done whining. Now, on to the truly bewildering part of the survey. I get that only less than half of the people can name the Speaker of the House. Gee, a lot fewer can name both of their Senators. But how could more people know who the Speaker is than know which party controls the House?