Barack Obama, according to Politico, will announce that he officially plans to seek re-election as early as Monday. He will e-mail his supporters from 2008 and explain his decision to them, as well as the decision to base his campaign in Chicago.

440px Official portrait of Barack Obama

In order to establish his candidacy, he must file registration papers with the FEC. Although the White House expects this to occur Monday, it will be delayed if some ‘crisis’ makes it appear that Obama is being insensitive.

Campaign officials planned to make this announcement as early in this quarter as possible, to give them the most time to raise money. This might have an intimidation factor, as he is expected to raise a great deal more than any potential opponent. However, apparently to avoid irony, they decided that Friday, April 1 might be a poor choice. However, a major fund raising event is scheduled for April 14 in Chicago, so the paperwork must be filed before then.

Following the event in Chicago, Obama will go to the Democrats’ wishing well cities in recent decades, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, to augment his team’s finances.

According to the article, Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, has been attempting to induce major donors to commit themselves in advance of the announcement. David Axelrod plans to be in charge of strategy. Photo below.

messina and axelrod