Caution! If there are young children present, or if you just have good taste, then do not watch the video below. Yes, such a warning is needed as a viral video filmed by disc jockey Seth Sharp of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dancing has crept onto the Internet. Taken sometime ago while he was at a night club in Iceland, Assange shows off his fancy footwork amid strobe lights and a disco ball. The video of Julian Assange dancing proves only one thing, that he is a worse dancer than Seinfeld character, Elaine Bennis.

Julian Assange dancing video

Assange was in Reykjavik, where I suppose his blond hair and albino appearance made him less noticeable. But even such bad dancing will draw unwanted attention. As you will see in the video, the ladies of Iceland have the common sense to avoid him, with none coming within ten feet of Mr. WikiLeaks.

Which brings us to the inevitable question of, ″WHY?″ Yes, why, indeed? Does not Julian Assange know that as a Caucasian, he should refrain from such bizarre dancing? Oh, sure, maybe if he tried to waltz or even tango, he might get away with some dancing drama. But really! What was he thinking? Or perhaps the better question is, what was he on?

It′s bad enough that Julian Assange is being accused of a couple of rapes. Not to mention efforts to bring down the United States and Western Civilization. Does Assange think so highly of himself, or of his creation, WikiLeaks, that he thinks he can get away with bad dancing, too?

So the viral video, below, of Julian Assange dancing at a club in Reykjavik, Iceland takes the heat off of Seinfeld character Elaine Bennis as the worst dancer in the world. Filmed by disc jockey Seth Sharp, Assange appears to doing doing a mixture of the Batman-hypo-dance along with the Hokey-Pokey. I just don’t get it, but he apparently thinks is is cool. Sorry Julian, I doubt if this will earn you consideration for a shot at Dancing With The Stars.

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