Donald Trump, who argued with Whoopi Goldberg on The View over Obama’s birth certificate, released his own. So yes, Virginia, Donald Trump is an American citizen, and eligible to run for president. Trump continues to raise questions about President Obama. Bad enough ‘The Donald’ doesn’t like Obama′s policies and agenda. So will this issue score points from Trump as he nears his decision to run this June?

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Donald Trump releases his birth certificate, proving he is an American, unlike somebody else we know…
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This latest round of controversy began on Monday when Trump gave an image of what he thought was his birth certificate to However, it turned out to only be his ‘certificate of live birth’ much like the one Obama released to the public. Tuesday, after some howling from the Far-Left, Team Trump dug deep enough and located his actual birth certificate.

Other Republican hopefuls considering a presidential campaign are avoiding the topic. Much like them avoiding any specific plan to reduce spending and balance the budget. Or, for that matter, restoring a health job-creating economic environment to America. Of course, so far they have only formed ‘exploratory’ committees, which translates into finding out whether they can drum up enough campaign donations.

So is Donald Trump a birther? Or is he just making hay, grabbing headlines and stoking his enormous ego? Trump acknowledges that he believes that Barack Obama is “probably” an American citizen. But he contends that Obama should produce his birth certificate to end the debate and put to rest, once and for all, any speculation. During his appearance on The View, Donald Trump argued with Whoopi Goldberg and the other ladies that perhaps there is “something” on the actual birth certificate that President Obama does not want known. He also argued that we never see any people being interviewed on TV that knew Obama as a child. Trump contends that people that went to kindergarten with him would remember ‘The Donald’. Maybe because he already had that remarkable quaff of hair! But, at least it is now official, Donald Trump was indeed born in America, even though his place of birth was ‘The Jamaica Hospital’! Sometimes even I need a good chuckle.

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