There was great Tom-Foolery on Thursday during a fundraiser held for Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) at the home of Alan Ginsburg. Members of Vice President Joe Biden’s staff locked Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers in a closet! The reporter was kept ‘on ice’, as they say in Chicago, for several hours while 150 guests enjoyed their $500 a plate of caprese crostini with over-dried mozzarella and basil, rosemary flatbread with grapes honey and grilled chicken Caesar-garden veggie warps.

biden locks reporter in closet

Powers had been assigned as the ‘pool reporter’ to cover the event for local media. He was given a brief, 35-minute reprieve from ‘Sheriff Joe’ when Biden and Nelson gave their speeches. But then Biden’s thugs ushered Powers back to the closet. Ginsberg, a wealthy land developer, reportedly has apologized to Scott Powers for his harsh treatment saying he had no idea what had happened. Under Florida law, this action does constitute as being a kidnapping, a felony offense.

Just another indication of the general lawlessness of the Obama administration. Committing U.S. military forces without abiding by the War Powers Act. Refusing to enforce DOMA and Voter Rights laws as is his sworn duty of holding the office of President of the United States. Disregarding the U.S. Constitution with Obama’s health care act, and then ignoring rulings by federal courts. Not to mention his failure to uphold his duty as President to secure our borders, and then launch an unfounded federal action against the State of Arizona which was compelled to take action themselves. We might also throw in his administration’s interference with business of the Wisconsin State legislature, too.

For Barack Obama and Joe Biden to talk about how open and transparent their governing is, and then to detain a reporter against his will, preventing him from performing his job is appalling. This is what one would expect by Muammar al-Qaddafi in Libya. A vile dictatorship suppressing the truth, illegally detaining citizens. Where are Amnesty International, other human rights watchdog groups, and the rest of the Establishment Media on this? This happened on Thursday and the story has not become nationally known until Sunday.

Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers was forcibly detained and locked in a closet by members of Vice President Joe Biden’s staff on Thursday. The incident took place at a $500-a-plate fundraiser for Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) at the mansion of Alan Ginsberg. Powers was held in a closet for several hours during the party, and was only let out for 35 minutes to do his job which was to cover speeches by Biden and Nelson at the posh affair. This is another sign of the utter contempt the Barack Obama administration has for the law and the Constitution. A further example of how Washington has been usurped by ‘The Chicago Way’.

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