Here is the video of Ann Coulter’s appearance on Hardball with dummy Chris Mattthews. In the video, John Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth Edwards, calls the show and has a fruitness discussion with her.

Ann Coulter debates Elizabeth Edwards (Video)

Edwards asks Coulter to “stop the personal attacks” against her husband and others, saying that she is defacing the nations’ political discourse. Coulter wonders why John Edwards didn’t make the call himself, and disengenuously contorts the question into a way that suits the response she wants to give.

Apparently the Edwards campaign thought they could hit a homerun by sending a woman out to do a candidate’s job. But it turns out that she is repetitious and ineffective in the role of the jilted wife.

One of the personal attacks that Elizabeth Edwards is referring to is a “joke” about wishing her candidate husband were assassinated in a terrorist plot. That was a sarcastic response to an explanation about calling him a “faggot” some months prior.

Perhaps I am alone in that I am one of the few remaining fans of Ann Coulter. Clearly she doesn’t do Republicans any favors for her potty-mouthed schtick anymore. She is the Bill Maher of the right, which makes her an easy target for rallying the Democrat party base.

But for pure entertainment value, who does not tune in for Ann Coulter? She is a person you either love to hate or hate to love.

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