On March 7, Kit Karson, a psychic who I had interviewed last December, published a story about the Super-Moon phenomenon, warning of possible earthquakes and other global issues. Then the mega-quake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11. Since then, it seems that a cascade of other catastrophes are either happening or becoming more likely. According to astrologer Richard Nolles, who coined the term Super-Moon, we have yet to reach it′s peak period of March 19-22. So I thought it might be a good idea to revisit with Kit and her astrologer colleague, Lou, from PsychicCosmos.com for an update on what may happen next?

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Andrew Zarowny: Kit, you sent me a link to your article about the Super-Moon which you posted at your website on March 7. You warned of the possibilities of natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. What has been your own reaction to to events in Japan? What has been the reaction to your article from others?

Kit Karson: For one thing, my heart goes out to the Japanese people. I do not like seeing events that are so destructive, but, the energy around things like that is very powerful and fairly easy to pick up. For one thing, I don’t think it is over in Japan. As far as the reaction from others, most people feel the same as I do and thought the prediction was correct. However, I do not think this is the end of events coming over the next few weeks.

Andrew Zarowny: When I interviewed you for predictions for 2011 last December, you warned of a possible major train accident. Do you think that the four missing trains in japan could be what you foresaw? You also predicted economic troubles. Have we seen the worst already?

Kit Karson: I know that the missing Japanese trains are catastrophic, but, I pictured it happening in the US. No, we have not seen the worst of the economic troubles either here in the US or abroad. One of the financial woes coming could easily be in Europe and in particular their bond market. I do feel that the financial markets are going to be negatively affected for some time to come and it will be years before Japan really recovers, if ever. This is just such a huge catastrophe.

Andrew Zarowny: Lou, you, as well, also had predicted that we will be facing many problems, such a natural disasters, the economy, etc. As an astrologer, what is your opinion on the Super-Moon theory? With the peak of the second period, as well as a third Super-Moon n April still to come, what do you see happening during this time frame?

Lou C.: Humankind, not just astrology, has long recognized the powerful forces that Luna can exert both on the Earth and its inhabitants. It is clear to me that anytime the lunar energy is magnified-whether through astrological aspects or astronomical proximity-one can expect tumultuous results. This, to me is the essence of the Super-Moon theory which states that the likelihood of dramatic events on the physical and emotional planes increases and such things like the disaster in Japan could (and that word does need to be emphasized) occur.

Astrologers take no pleasure taken in having been correct about this disaster. Yet, clearly, those who look at the stars, feel the vibrations in the earth, and channel other alternative sources of information have tapped into the primal source and wish only to share this knowledge as a way of trying to warn/prepare those who inquire of them in the hopes that some of the more dire effects of these events can be mitigated.

The upcoming Super Moon arrives on April 18th. Given the fragility of the both the planet (after all the 8.9 quake did cause the Earth to shift on its axis)and its people, I feel that there is a likelihood that some “aftershocks” may cause more disruption. These are not limited to just seismic tremors-although the possibility of another quake is certainly present-but also interpersonal relationships and political issues. The weather too could be a major player during that time. Lastly, the financial effects of the second cycle will be coming home to roost during this third Super Moon. Forewarned is forearmed.

Andrew Zarowny: Lou, what other influences are there upon us now? Could you give us specific examples of what they may cause?

Lou C. :When one looks at three key planets- Mercury, Uranus and Pluto- it is abundantly clear that this may well be just the first wave of an impending crescendo. Just two days before the quake, Mercury conjoined Uranus and entered the sign of the God of War. The Messenger clearly is showing us that the unexpected upheavals we are witnessing will only increase as the Aries influence strengthens. This may well mean that Gaia (Earth) may well demonstrate her displeasure in the old order and is determined to make that message clear to all.

Significantly, Uranus has also entered Aries. As is well known, Uranus is the planet of upheaval and catastrophe as well as genius. Combine those elements with the potent force of Aries and what we have seen today may only be a precursor to things in the next few weeks.

Pluto, as I have noted before, continues to be the key to all this. On March 13th, Pluto and Mercury entered a conjunction. Even thought the message may seem clear-that things are going to change and that the transformation may be both dramatic and dire-there may well be a second, deeper and more important message hidden in all the chaos. We all need to look and listen closely-not just to events like the earthquake-but other things that may be obscured in our 24 news cycle but which have even more tumultuous effects.

Lastly, but by no means least, is the fact that we are facing our first Mercury retrograde of the year. This starts on March 30th, just two days after Mercury visits the sign of the Ram. Confusion and mixed messages could well result in major conflicts or scandals which could impact both the political balance and financial markets both here and abroad. Compounded with this is the fact that Pluto also has gone retrograde and the combined forces of transformation, chaos, and destruction will be a challenge which may well reshape the political and social landscape in ways that no one could foresee.

This will be a time that will both challenge and compel us as we witnesses events that later historians will only marvel at. How to best prepare for the next few weeks? I suppose we are left with the memorable quote from “Jaws”-You’re gonna need a bigger boat”

Andrew Zarowny: I thank you both for again taking the time to discuss these matters. I realize these are serious and unpleasant issues to think or talk about. But, as Lou points out, it is better to be prepared than not.

Whether you believe in psychics, astrologers or if the Super-Moon phenomenon is playing any role in our current events, such as the tragedies in Japan, I agree that to be fore-warned is to be fore-armed. Everyone, everywhere, should have their own disaster plan ready. Public officials advise each of us to always have at least three days worth of food and water on hand in the event of an emergency. A plan of action for gathering your family to a safe location in the event that your home is threatened is a must. For those of you who do believe in the insights of psychics and astrologers, both Kit and Lou are available for consulting with at PsychicCosmos.com. Be sure and let them know you heard about them here!

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