You know that an American administration has proven useless and ineffective for supporting liberty and freedom in oppressed countries when even France… France… takes the lead in recognizing a struggling, independent liberty movement. Such is the case in Libya where French President Nicolas Sarkozy has recognized and supported the Libyan rebels struggling to over throw Libyan dictator Gaddhafi.

For his part, President Obama, the man that is supposed to be fulfilling the role of the “leader of the free world” is attending school bullying pressers and secretly supporting fleebagging Democrats in Wisconsin while practically turning a blind eye to the Libyan rebels fighting for their lives.

So France takes the lead in coming to the aid of freedom.

In a major diplomatic victory for the Libyan opposition, France has become the first country to formally recognise Libya’s rebel leadership, pledging to exchange ambassadors between Paris and the Libyan opposition stronghold of Benghazi.

I never thought I’d ever say this, but hoorah for the French.

It is a disgrace that President Obama has done so little either rhetorically or materially to support the rebels. Who cannot feel that he is laying a bet that Gaddhafi is going to beat down the rebellion? Who cannot see that Obama is essentially betting on the dictator?

Shame on Obama.

In the meantime, as Obama fiddles, Gaddahfi is destroying his own oil fields to spite the rebels.


Well, above I said that it seems obvious that the Obama administration is betting that Libyan dictator Gaddhafi will beat down his insurgents and this is why Obama is turning a blind eye to the rebels fighting for their liberty.

I admit that when I wrote that I was just surmising from the administration’s actions. Now I have proof that what I said is spot on.

One of Obama’s security advisers, James Clapper, said just that today. He asserted that Gaddhafi would “prevail” over the rebels.

The White House today has fallen all over itself to explain it away, but it appears I was right regardless.