Charlie Sheen has set a new record in attracting followers of a Twitter account, reaching his first million faster than even Lady GaGa. It′s easy to see why. Last night, for example, Sheen ‘tweeted’ that thanks to “lunar channeling”, he has come up with a titled to a proposed tell-all book he intends to write…”Apocalypse Me”. Film fans will recall that his father, Martin Sheen, starred in the movie “Apocalypse Now”. A reworking of the 1902 Joseph Conard novel “Heart of Darkness” reset during the Vietnam War. The two questions here are: A) how will Kurtz-Sheen self-destruct in this real-life epic and B) why are we so fascinated by such train and car wrecks? Perhaps ′Question B′ should be is Charlie Sheen Hollywood′s answer to NASCAR?

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Charlie Sheen may be “winning” with setting a new record on Twitter, but will his book, “Apocalypse Me” end like “Apocalypse Now”? Image Credit:

Many people often ask why I still live in Detroit? The simple answer is, Detroit is not Hollywood! Even in the ‘fair city of Detroit’, when a man threatens to sever his wife′s head and mail it to her mother, the man usually winds up either in a jail cell or rubber-coated room of a psychiatric ward. But in Hollywood, such a man sets records for new Twitter followers and earns millions of dollars. He even gets to live in mansion with a model and a porn star! You gotta wonder why the NOW chapter in California is not picketing is home 24/7 for his misogyny?

I suppose it is a Midwestern ‘thing’. Detroiters work hard for a living and attempt, usually with some success, to live normal, moral lives. If there is any redeeming factor to Charlie Sheen′s behavior, it is that it does provide us a distraction from other events in the world, such as unrest in the Middle East or news that the National Debt has grown to $14.2 Trillion dollars. General George S. Patton Jr. once said that “America loves a winner.” In the age where NASCAR is about as popular as NFL football, America also loves a car crash, too!

Charlie Sheen is headed for the South Wall at 200 MPH and his brakes have failed. In both ″Apocalypse Now″ and “Heart of Darkness”, the Kurtz character is insane and dying. He’s a genius gone bad and has become delusional with god-like opinions of himself. During the recent series of interviews this past week, Sheen describes himself as super-human, an “Adonis” with “tiger blood”. Mortal men would died instantly while ingesting 7-gram rocks of crack cocaine. But not Charlie Sheen! “Winning!”

So the latest freak-show epic continues to roll forward as Charlie Sheen goes “beyond the pale of any acceptable, human conduct.” Will the “better angels of our nature” prevail in his case? Sheen may be setting new records on Twitter and living large with a model and a porn star, but does anybody see any possible happy ending in this? I suspect that in entitling his tell-all book “Apocalypse Me”, Charlie Sheen is writing his own epitaph. This whole affair is looking more and more like the “South Park” episode where Britney Spears shoots half of her face off with a shotgun. Celebrity self-destruct is America′s newest blood sport and Charlie Sheen is the latest contestant to see whom can have the messiest, most spectacular ending. “The horror…the horror…”

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