Rahm Emanuel Wins Chicago Mayor Race

Former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, wins the Chicago mayor race today with 55% of the votes. Gery Chco finished second in the Chicago mayoral race with 24% and Carol Mosely Braun tied for third place with Miguel del Valle with about 9% each. Had Emanuel won with less than 50%, there would have been a run off in April. After leaving Barack Obama′s side at the White House, Rahm Emanuel and his wife Amy Rule returned to Chicago so that Rahm could run for the office vacated by retiring Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Rahm Emanuel  wins Chicago mayor race
Rahm Emanuel wins the Chicago mayor race! The former White House Chief of Staff avoided a run-off election by winning 55% of the vote.

With 89% of precincts counted, Chico and Braun called Emanuel and conceded the race. Hopes for a possible run-off were brought to an end. Today′s mayoral election in Chicago was the first in 60 years that an incumbent was not running. This led to wide open field. Danny Davis and Jesse Jackson were considered potential threats to Rahm Emanuel′s campaign. A lawsuit to disqualify him over residency requirements was defeated in the courts.

While President Barack Obama did not actively campaign or endorse him, Rahm Emanuel still wins the Chicago mayor race easily. Despite a late start in the campaign, Emanuel stage a swift advance upstaging contenders like Gery Chico, one-time Chicago school president and former Congresswoman Carol Mosely Braun. Even City Clerk Miguel del Valle had better poll numbers than Emanuel did when the White House Chief of Staff resigned. There is joy in Chicago tonight as Amy Rule, Rahm Emanuel′s wife, becomes the First Lady of the City with Broad Shoulders.

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