There seems little doubt now that a government shutdown is certain. The battle lines over budget fights are being draw, not only in Washington, but across the nation over spending cuts. Our Federal government is well over $14 Trillion dollars in debt, and President Barack Obama’s 2012 budget will add another $2 Trillion. Outside the beltway, 44 states are also facing budget deficits. This week in Wisconsin, we are seeing the end result of the Progressive agenda of spend, spend, and spend some more. Governor Scott Walker has joined the battle against public employee unions as Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, has.

government shutdown certain
A government shutdown seems certain as Republicans and Democrats are at odds over spending cuts.

Since state and municipal governments cannot simply create more money as the our national government could, they are forced to either tax their citizens more, or borrow more money by issuing bonds. In the State of Illinois, they are so broke that nobody will buy their bonds. So the state is now selling credit default swaps as a means of raising cash.

The fight in Wisconsin boils down to years of Progressive politicians being too generous with taxpayer money to state workers. The average salary for a public school teacher in Wisconsin is around $89,000 per year. This is nearly double that of the average salary for a worker in the private sector. Some will argue that teachers should be paid well for teaching children. But considering how in most urban areas, the drop-out rate is between 25-50% in public schools, and considerably less in private schools, it would seem that public school teachers are not earning their keep. The average amount spent on teaching children in public schools versus private is nearly double. Are we starting to see a trend here?

A government shutdown is almost certain over proposed spending cuts. Whenever government tries to do something that the private sector does, the cost is typically twice as much. Given that Progressives like President Barack Obama want the government to do more, the cost of will continue to escalate at an alarming rate. Republicans in Congress, as well as those like Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin, want government to be responsible and accountable. They realize that we cannot continue going deeper and deeper into debt with each passing year. If shutting down the government is the only solution to force an adult conversation on public spending, then so be it.

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