Things in Cairo, Egypt just became more complicated as President Hosni Mubarak spoke on national television tonight, stating firmly he is not resigning. This news, and a second speech delivered by Omar Suleiman, was not received well by protesters in Tahrir Square. Crowds which have been gathered for some 17 days remain adamant that they will not leave until Mubarak steps down. On top of that, we had more nonsense in America as Barack Obama’s National Intelligence Director, James Clapper, told Congress that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was largely a benign, secular group.

The political chaos in Egypt only shows more failings of a weak administration here. How can people like Clapper hold key jobs when they are so blind to reality? As his prepared remarks were obviously written for him, what does this say about the upper management of our intelligence services? At least the FBI Director, Robert Muller, acknowledged that the Brotherhood has had a history of violence and spoke further on them during a closed hearing.

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Getting back to the crisis in Egypt and Hosni Mubarak, James Clapper’s statement to Congress comes just days after Mohamed Ghanem, a high-ranking leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, called on his nation to prepare for war with Israel. Protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square were not pleased with tonight’s speeches by Mubarak nor Omar Suleiman. The ruling government shows no signs of stepping down anytime soon.