According to the latest Rasmussen Reports, John McCain, the once mighty frontrunner, is tied for 3rd place in the latest national Presidential Preference poll. The results are as follows:

Rudolph Guiliani – 24%
Fred Thompson – 24%
Mitt Romney – 11%
John McCain – 11%

Other poll show similar results. Why has the former “front runner” fallen? Here are some thoughts:

1. He looks like a grinch.

2. He’s running as a “Democrat” for the Republican nomimation.

3. The Amnesty Bill, aka Leave No Illegal Behind.

I think its due to Numbers 2 and especially 3 even though NBC’s Tim ‘Russert’ Potato could not explain why McCain is falling fast. Its time that these Rino candidates realize that you can not go around advocating tax increases; supporting global warming; making the illegals – legal; limiting free speech; endorsing the Al Qaeda Bill of Rights; and blasting your own party at every chance .

I respect Senator McCain for his war record. I do not support many of his policies. After all, his recent record is kind of “Hillaryesque” minus the skirt and the baggage. Bye Bye Senator McCain – your run for President was fun, but its over with!