Mullah McCain issues the following Fatwa. Read these cool blogs or be considered a infidel in very poor standing. Never ever ignore the directives of The Mullah, you imperialist American donkey.

David J has another one of his thoughtful pieces even though he calls it a quick comment. Read what he has to say about the distortion of Christianity by those promoting the “prosperity gospel”. Resurrection Song Akbar!

PacoVilla has the latest on Al Sharpton’s usual opportunism with Paris Hilton’s incarceration. CCPOA Akbar!

Ms. Green has the skeptical truth about global warming. Thinking Out Loud Akbar!

David Wissing has the latest in Fred Thompson’s amazing poll numbers, and he isn’t even a candidate (yet). Hedgehog Akbar!

John Hawkins has the video of Ronald Reagan telling Gorby to tear down this wall, appropriately posted on the 20th anniversary of one of the most discussed speeches of the 20th century. Right Wing News Akbar!

Shackleford has the story of how CAIR is losing most of their membership. Unfortunately their funding is up. Jawa Akbar!

Kim Priestap rides the Sopranos internet search frenzy with the stupendous video of the Sopranos’ final scene. Wizbang Akbar!