He not only brought it to class, the little terrorist actually shot it. Hammonton, New Jersey Police charged 7 year old for bringing the Nerf style toy gun to class and shooting it. No word on whether or not he was aiming at anyone.

I always seem to gravitate to these ridiculous stories. It seems like every other week some 7 year old is charged for bringing a toy gun to class. When I was a kid, we were “packing” all the time. Nobody ever got hurt and we had loads of fun. Now, you can’t even bring a Nerf gun out in public without fear of the law.

Before you jump all over me about the safety aspect of it, let me just say we’re not talking about an 18 year old hoodlum here. A 7 year old? Come on. How about a little common sense every now and again?

The child’s mother says she didn’t know her son brought the gun to school. Another mother at the school says she’s glad that the authorities are punishing the little terrorist. I’m sure she’d be singing a different tune were it her kid being brought up on weapons charges or whatever they charge him with.

If you thought that the NJ cops charging 7 year old for bringing toy gun to class was an isolated incident; let me refresh your memory. I wrote here about what they do to toy guns in Providence, Rhode Island. Not enough? Check out what Hawaii is proposing. How about the total ban on the sale of toy guns?