The mystery in Portage County, Wisconsin of the 200 dead cows is solved, moldy sweet potatoes. As many will recall earlier this month, just around New Years Day, a series of mass animal deaths captured headlines nationwide. Thousands of dead birds, fish and then 200 cows all died suddenly as if from an episode of the “X-Files”. But science often times is persistent enough when seeking the truth. In the case of the cows, lab results confirm that they died from pneumonia caused by the mycotoxin, ipomeanol, which usually occurs in moldy sweet potatoes. Peter Vanderloo, Associate Director of the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory believes bad spuds in potato waste, used in cattle feed, are to blame. If there was one case of a government conspiracy, it may be the death of 300 starlings in South Dakota, who were deliberately poisoned by the US. Dept. of Agriculture.

dead cows solved
Mystery of dead cows solved – moldy sweet potatoes.

So if you were worried about the apocalypse, or mind-control/weather-manipulation conspiracy theories involving the government’s HAARP experiment in Alaska, think again. According to Vanderloo, the sweet potatoes were part of the cows’ feed. The lab conducted a series of tests, including looking for signs of a killer virus, such as bovine herpesirus, bovine viral diarrhea, bovine synctial virus and corona virus. Any of those pathogens could have caused similar results.

I know this will disappoint many people who believe that the Mayan calendar portends our impending doom, or that climate change was responsible. But no, the cows died from a fairly common toxin found in the humble potato. Perhaps if we are to blame anyone, it should be the Incas, who gave us the potato, not HAARP experiment scientists.

With the mystery of the dead cows solved in Portage County, Wisconsin, we can now all move on to bigger and better concerns. The bad spuds of moldy sweet potatoes in potato waste used in cattle feed are the cause, according to Peter Vanderloo. The associate director of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin says that the 200 cows died from pneumonia caused by the mycotoxin ipomeanol. The series of mass animal deaths which began the New Year have now all been rationally explained. The only case where the finger of blame does point to was the death of 300 starlings in South Dakota, poisoned by the USDA. The birds were contaminating cattle feed with their droppings and had to be exterminated.

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