With the conflagration currently going on in Egypt, we are seeing perilous times in the Middle East. So many good things and so many bad things could result from all this. And all those “what ifs” remain in the future. So, how does MSNBCs historically illiterate Chris Matthews approach the subject? Why by blaming it all on George W. Bush and by using it as yet another, though quixotic, way to attack the Iraq War, of course.

Seriously. What the Iraq War and George W. Bush have to do with Egypt is impossible to guess, but the mushy, leg-tingly mind of Chris Matthews seems to see it clearly…. despite that he’s the only one.

Here is how he led his show on the 29th:

Leading off tonight: Unrest in Egypt. Proving the Iraq war wasn’t needed, these protests in Egypt, as well as in Yemen and Tunisia, are all aimed at dictators supported by the U.S. The demonstrations have not yet turned anti-American, but they could. These are the events the Bush administration hoped to encourage by lying about weapons of mass destruction and invading Iraq.

“Proving the Iraq war wasn’t needed?” How exactly does the likely fall of the Mubarak regime prove that Bush’s Iraq War was not needed? Well, only in the swampy mind of Matthews does it prove such a thing. This is Bush Derangement Syndrome at it’s most virulent, and stupid. Matthews has allowed his hatred of Bush to crowd out even the tiniest bit of logic, here.

The simple fact of the matter is that Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, the situations in the Arab Middle East and near areas have been brewing for many decades. George W. Bush neither caused, started, nor enflamed the mess that these Arab dictators have built. In fact, every president from Truman onward had his hand in the Arab Middle East so to pin all of it on George W. Bush is simple-minded and childish partisan hackery.

But there isn’t even any logic in his own reasoning even if you wanted to believe Matthews. As Powerline says:

Next Matthews claims that the Bush administration “hoped to encourage” the events (i.e., riots and their suppression) that we now see in Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia. But wait! Didn’t Matthews just say that all of these governments are “supported by the U.S.?” So why would Bush (or Obama) want to encourage riots against those governments?

Matthews cannot even follow his own line of logic and reach a sensible conclusion.

Then there is the long discredited “lying about WMDs” blather that Matthews brainlessly mumbles. Every Democrat, every Republican and the head of nearly every other nation on earth thought that Saddam had WMDs. After all, he’d used them in the past (chemical, not nuclear).

Bush may have been wrong about Saddam’s WMDs but he did not lie about them. It isn’t a “lie” to be wrong about something. There’s never been the slightest proof that Bush knew that there were no WMDs. Like 99 percent of the world at the time George W. Bush thought that there were WMDs in Iraq before the invasion.

The only people that continue to claim that Bush lied are haters that simply don’t care about truth and want only to find ways to attack the one person they hate more than any others (except maybe themselves): George W. Bush.

Chris Matthews is a partisan hack that doesn’t deserve to be afforded any legitimacy whatsoever.