In the latest Scientific American Magazine posting by “Cross-Check” blog chief John Horgan, the author makes a “modest proposal” for how to solve gun crime in America: turn our nation socialist.

Now, let me first say that I have a suspicion that Mr. Horgan is tweaking his readers and is not serious about forcing America into a socialist system in order to “solve” gun crime. He starts his piece crying like a spanked child over the fact that so many people found his previous gun control screed to be idiotic. Even one of his own students, he tells us, called him out on his unserious blather. In light of that perhaps his “modest proposal” is more a finger in everyone’s eye than a serious idea. But, let’s take it as a serious idea and discuss it from that direction, shall we?

Horgan begins his piece by claiming that “common sense” tells him that people like Jared Loughner, the killer from Arizona, shouldn’t be allowed to get guns. Of course, he seems to imagine that lax gun laws are what caused the Loughner situation and not lax mental health system…. But, hey, whatever, right?

He then points out that “some researchers” have found “a correlation between levels of household gun ownership and homicide.” But then, in the very next sentence he says that he realizes that other research discounts the research he cites. Still, he apparently accepts the premise of his first citation. So much for science if it all comes down to just what you like and don’t like.

Next he shows that neither gun control nor gun ownership automatically correlate to lack of gun crime or a rise in the same. On one hand Horgan notes that the American cities that have the strictest gun control laws also have correspondingly higher murder rates and on the other he notes that some countries that have stricter gun control laws than the US as well as lower rates of gun ownership have higher murder rates than the US.

As much as I hate to admit it, these statistics support the slogan that guns don’t kill; people do. The link between homicides and easy access to guns — like the link between real violence and media violence — is tenuous. You can make the cause for or against a causal relation, depending on what society or time period you examine. Complexities like these lead to complaints that “social science” is an oxymoron.

So, after actually doing a bit of research on these statistics, Horgan finds himself with a dilemma. He is an anti-gun nut with no scientific backing for his anti-gun mania.

Ah, but this gun-hater has a solution, you see? He found the work of “evolutionary psychologists” Margo Wilson and husband Martin Daly, of McMaster University in Ontario, Canada to be just the solution he was looking for. From their “work” he’s decided that income equality is the solution to gun crime. When everyone makes the same amount of money, he now thinks, gun crime goes away. Voila, socialism is the fix.

Now, first of all let me say I find the whole idea of “evolutionary psychology” to be a laughable field of study. In fact, all of “psychology” is a joke all up and down the line. It is a pseudo science based on the work of a fraud (whose name happened to be Sigmund Freud). So, whenever people start throwing around the self serving tosh disgorged by the university pinheads that fill our nation’s psychology departments, I immediately assume what we are about to read is junk science.

Amusingly, Horgan also employs junk science as he again discounts some research to support his pet theory. Here is his concluding paragraph:

Naturally, some researchers have reported data that fail to support the income-inequality theory of homicide. But I find it persuasive, especially because it points toward an attractive solution to high homicide rates: a more equitable economic system, perhaps with higher taxes for the wealthy and more generous welfare programs for the poor. In short, socialism. I hope that opponents of gun control will consider this modest, alternative proposal for reducing lethal shootings.

So, he finds research that discounts his “evolutionary psychologist’s” ideas but he simply dismisses that himself to go with the socialism meme.

OK, now let’s think about what this rather foolish pseudo-scientist has proposed.

To stop the small percentage of 300 million people being murdered each year, he’s decided to take away everyone’s liberty. He’s decided to trample all over Thomas Jefferson’s truism, “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty, than those attending too small a degree of it” to somehow stop a relatively small number of murders.

But the destruction of liberty and freedom aside, I find it incredibly foolish of Horgan to have lost sight of the one great fact about socialism and the government oppression that is necessary to instill it.

Here is the fact: socialism and the government oppression that is necessitated to operate it is responsible for more murders than any other human endeavor, including religion. Socialism and its brother communism (face it, there isn’t much difference between them) have killed at least 100 million human beings in the last 140 years. 100 million.

The fact is that where there is democracy, liberty, and a free society, some small measure of evil will necessarily exist alongside that freedom. On the other hand, evil becomes pervasive in a tyranny. Socialism is never a “modest” proposal. It is an all-inclusive destructive attack on liberty. There isn’t a thing modest about it.

In any case, if Mr. Horgan is serious that forcing the country into a socialist system is the only way he can think of to assuage his anti-gun hysteria, then we must mark him as a fool.