We’ve seen the illegal drug trade use many methods to smuggle narcotics into America. Many cocaine traffickers now use home-made submarines to sneak their cargo in. But the latest item comes from along the Arizona-Mexico border where U.S. Customs and Border Patrol surveillance discovered smugglers using a cannabis catapult! Yes, the drug traffickers are going Medieval with a home-made catapult which lobs 45-pound bags of marijuana over the fence. Some people have all the fun!

pot throwing catapult drug bust
Could this 15th Century drawing of a trebuchet have inspired drug smugglers to build a pot-throwing catapult?

National Guard units video-recorded the activity which led United States Border Patrol agents to the scene and make the bust near Tuscon, Arizona. Spokesman for the Border Patrol, David Jimarez told Reuters “It looks like a medieval catapult that was used back in the day.”

The device is basically a small standard-sized trailer with a metal framework for the catapult and a length of elastic material to serve as the counter-force which hurls the marijuana more than 100 yards. Known as a trebuchet, these catapults are easy to build and have become quite popular due to many TV programs demonstrating their effectiveness. Over the Thanksgiving holidays, on program on cable featured an annual pumpkin throwing contest held using home-made trebuchets.

Once the cataplut-culprits were discovered lofting their 45-pound bags of marijuana across the fence, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents contacted Mexican authorities whom promptly made the arrests. The cooperation between the National Guard, Border Patrol, and Mexican officials worked well on this drug bust.

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