The President’s son flees the country as Egypt’s protests continue for a second day. Hosni Mubarak’s son Gamal fled Cairo with his wife, daughter, and 100 pieces of luggage according to reports. Get the full story with photos and video below!

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Bringing a unity to the opposition of President Mubarak that hasn’t been seen in years, the mass riots may signal the beginning of the end of Murbarak’s 30 year reign. Fighting back against record poverty and rising food prices, rioters took to the streets for a second day despite promises for reform by the government.

“The psychological barrier of fear has been broken,” said Shadi Hamid, director of research for the Brookings Doha Center. “Eighty million Egyptians saw [Tuesday’s protests]. They saw that it’s okay to come out and that there is safety in numbers.”

The continuing Egypt protests have scared the President’s son enough to flee the country. Previously, Egyptians have feared incarceration and punishment in the police state, where an emergency law that undermines basic human rights has been in place since 1981. The law, which was extended for two years in May 2010 despite government promises to the contrary, allows police to arrest people without charge, detain them indefinitely, and limit freedom of speech and assembly. Worse, the emergency measure puts security agencies above the law, and therefore not accountable in court.

But political opposition up until now has been divided into three factions: a democratic party, a labor party, and an Islamist group named the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has been the only group to stage demonstrations in the past, but was dismissed by the government due to their small scale. Yesterday was the first time Mubarak saw a real threat of a united opposition, and it’s hoped that the newly united citizens will support a united political effort.

“This is more of a leaderless movement,” Hamid said to the Washington Post. “When police shoot into the crowd, it’s not the Brotherhood. It’s the Egyptians: people’s brothers, sisters, mothers and wives.”

Videos of the Egypt protests continue to go viral on the internet. One shows a single man facing off a truck armed with a high pressure water cannon. It’s clear that Egyptians are serious enough about the riots when the President’s son flees the country for fear of his safety. What do you think of the riots in the African nation? Will Murbarak finally be deposed as a result? Check out pictures and video of the riots below and let me know what you think in the comment section!

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Photos: Pictures, Carrie Devorah