A new Discovery Channel program, Sons of Guns, is going to follow a Baton Rouge, Louisiana firm, Red Jacket Firearms, as it manufactures custom made weaponry for sale throughout the nation.

The company is owned and operated by Will Hayden. The show will feature him, his daughter Stephanie, who is the office manager, and his diverse crew as they create and amplify weaponry for private collectors, the military and different police forces. The first episode was about a customer who saw a shotgun with a silencer in a film and wanted RJF to create one for him.

The history of RJF is one of many successful small businesses. The business began as a retail firearms shop that also had a firing range. They decided to custom-make their own firearms, but didn’t have enough money to market their products. So they went to gun shows, where they found their marketing niche and developed a regional reputation, which eventually grew into a nationally known enterprise. To this day, Hayden continues to go to gun forums; now, he mainly provides advise on how to solve problems with firearms.

The first season, which took about a year and a half to film, includes 12 different episodes. Originally, the producers of the program intended it to follow in the model of American Choppers, which is dominated by the interactions between a father and his two sons. Usually, at least in the episodes I’ve seen of AC, the dad and at least one of the sons argue throughout the hour, but miraculously create a modified bike. However, the producers of Sons of Guns had to modify their intentions when Hayden and his crew got along. So this program will actually feature gun-making and the skills that are needed in order to do a quality job.