It didn’t take long for the first political leader in Congress to tell Obama that his big ideas in the State of the Union Address were not going to happen. Surprisingly, it was a high-ranking Democrat that told the Prez to lump it and NOT a Republican!

Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid was none too thrilled by Obama’s insistence in the SOTU speech that Congress needed to dump the earmarks and Reid told ABC News that Obama should just butt out of their business.

“I think it’s taking power away from the legislative branch of government and giving it to the executive branch of government,” Reid said of the president’s plan. “The executive branch of government is powerful enough and I think that I know more about what Nevada needs than some bureaucrat down on K Street.”

ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Obama if he thinks the president is wrong on the earmark issue. “Without any question,” Reid said.

Yeah, it didn’t take long for a high-ranking politician to tell the president that his idea was a non-starter. But it is telling on several levels that it was the Democrat leader who was the one to so quickly come out to disabuse Obama of his quaint notions of eliminating earmarking. It affirms several things.

Firstly, it affirms that Democrats will have no part of Obama’s supposed aims at cutting the budget. But secondly, that Reid came out with this so quickly seems to raise suspicions that Obama knew that his request to eliminate spending would be turned down flat by his own party and therefore the president’s call is little else but campaign talk and hot air.

Obama can safely sally forth and pretend to be the big budget hawk that he wants voters to imagine he is as he runs for reelection, safe in the knowledge that his hoary claims are meaningless where it concerns the real spending that will continue, that spending he actually agrees with in the first place.

Reid told ABC that earmarking would certainly be back. Not only that, but he said that he was not impressed by Obama’s call to freeze the budget for five years.

Let’s face it. Democrats intend to continue the spending spree unchecked by either the president or the resurgent Republicans. It doesn’t matter that they’ve driven us to bankruptcy and that we are spending borrowed money. The Democrats are not chastened on spending one iota.