President Barack Obama delivered a stale State of the Union speech last night. Meanwhile, the real treat was seeing Paul Ryan and Michele Bachman give the Republican and Tea Party responses to Obama’s State of the Union address. About the only good thing I can say about Obama’s speech was that he bored us for less than 90 minutes. He still went long, going past the 60-minute mark that had been a goal for him, by about 15 minutes. Ryan delivered a somber, well thought-out text. Bachman’s was more interesting and fact-filled, but the ‘image’ was off as she was looking at the Tea Party camera instead of the pool camera used by CNN and other networks. Bad lighting, too, made Bachman appear more orange than Speaker John Boehner.

Obama investment means testse fly research
Obama calls for more investment in solar panels, high-speed rail and testse fly research to grow America’s economy during State of the Union address.

As to be expected, Obama spent most of the speech trying to spin his successes and accomplishments. He claimed that the economy has recovered and the worst is behind us. During an interview later, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually said that Obama had created more jobs just in the last year than George W. Bush did in his eight years! Obama spoke about how this is America’s ‘Sputnik moment’. But his ideas and plans add up to Kaputnik.

Naturally, Obama wants to spend more money and give it all to his pals in the teacher and labor unions. He talked about a fresh round of ‘investments’, meaning more pork-barrel spending programs on ‘infrastructure’, like programs to study the migration patterns of Tsetse flies. I’m sure that must be worth a $100 million to some egg-head, academic researcher. Once again he brought the need for more solar panels and high-speed rail. I guess Obama hadn’t heard that yet another solar panel company in the U.S. is closing down after it failed, despite all the Federal stimulus bucks it got. As for high-speed rail, how are we going to make that work when we can’t even run a profitable low-speed passenger rail system? I know, let’s buy Spain’s high-speed system, I hear they need money badly. We can probably get theirs for cheap.

No, Barack Obama was his usual boring self and not even his teleprompter could save him last night. On the other hand, Paul Ryan started his Republican response to the State of the Union address somberly talking about how everyone in Congress misses Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. He then moved on to the topic of restraining budget increases. Obama called for a five-year spending freeze at current levels. Everyday, the Federal government spends $4 Billion dollars it does not have, so merely freezing spending is not going to help. Ryan calls for genuine budget and regulatory reforms to restore America to an economic growth mode.

Michele Bachman gave the Tea Party response to the State of the Union address and in less than five minutes made her case for dramatic spending cuts. She wasted no time tackling the great issue of the day, our National Debt. Bachman accurately pointed out how both major political parties bear responsibility for the debt getting out of control. George W. Bush doubled the debt, adding almost $5 Trillion dollars in eight years. Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama has added almost $4 Trillion in just two years. Projections for Obama budgets show the National Debt growing another $12 Trillion in the next ten years. Obviously, this insanity must stop and it must stop now! We cannot afford another two years of Obama’s wild spending ways. Thanks to the Tea Party putting the GOP back in control of the House of Representatives, we have a chance, now, to survive as a nation. Not aired by any network was Libertarian Party response, which was the best of the evening, but you may watch it in the video below.

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