Answering his call as a United States Citizen, Vice President Joe Biden appeared at a Delaware courthouse two days before the State of the Union Address for Jury Duty. “Phony” is what some called his high-profile appearance, but the VP says he was honored to be called to serve. Get the full story with pictures and video below!

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The VP risked missing President Obama’s key State of the Union speech by not canceling his call to serve, but most knew it was highly unlikely that he would actually be seated as part of a trial. In the end, all of the potential jurors were dismissed after all the pending cases were ‘resolved’ or ‘rescheduled.’ by 12:15pm.

Apparently, some are calling the Vice President’s jury duty phony because of that last point. How often are all cases in one day rescheduled or resolved by lunch? Still, by all legal definitions, Joe Biden fulfilled his call to serve as a juror and certainly sets an example for everyone who says they’re too busy to make their summons.

“I don’t consider myself different than any other person,” Biden told the newspaper. “This is important. … It is an honor to be a part of the system.”

But the event wouldn’t be complete without another ‘Bidenism!’ While explaining how he believed in being ‘part of the system,’ the VP casually said that he hopes President “serves in Chicago if he is called.” Unfortunately, this highlights the cancellation by Obama only last year when he was called to serve in the week before his State of the Union address. To be fair, the President would have missed his speech if he had actually been selected.

In truth, the decision to answer his summons was easier for the VP than it is for the average Joe. It’s well known that lawyers usually steer away from legal experts and celebrities when selecting their jurors. Joe Biden is both. What do you think of the VP’s courthouse appearance in Delaware? Was the jury duty phony? Let me know what you think in the comment section after you check out pictures and video below!

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Photos: Pictures, PNP