This year, after President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address, we will hear not one, but two ‘responses’. Normally, the party-out-of-power, being the Republicans would be the only response of note televised. This year’s Republican speech will be delivered by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), one of the conservative ‘Young Guns’ of the GOP. Rep. Michele Bachman (R-MN) will also deliver a response on behalf of the Tea Party movement. Needless to say, CNN’s decision to air the Bachman response has many on the Far-Left howling mad!

michele bachman tea party response state of the union address
CNN to air Michele Bachman Tea Party response to Barack Obama’s State of the Union address following Paul Ryan’s response from the GOP.

As far as the Far-Left is concerned, there should be no voices of dissent. Being big on Big Government and One Party rule at that, the Democrats and their Progressive masters think everyone should just goose-step together in silent obedience. Maybe wearing brown t-shirts declaring “Together We Thrive”?

Naturally, the Lame Street Media launched the usual assault on Paul Ryan. They initiated an old standard from the Progressive play-book, claim that Paul Ryan wants to end Social Security and MediCare. That Republicans only want everyone to die. Ryan does want some entitlement reforms, mainly to save them before they goes broke and bankrupt the nation. Even if Ryan was going to say what the Media alleges, what’s wrong with talking about it? Maybe it’s high time we had a rational debate on the whole safety net issue? Are we really doing it the best way? Can we afford it?

As for Michele Bachman delivering a message to the Tea Party movement, what’s wrong with that? A substantial portion of the population agrees with the Tea Party and between 55-60% agree with them in part. Should not their voice be heard as well? The answer from Progressives is a flat “NO!”

I do not expect to hear anything of value from Barack Obama tonight during his State of the Union address. I might, mind you, might, hear something worth while from Rep. Paul Ryan or Rep. Michele Bachman. Too bad they’ll only get five minutes while Obama bores us for 90 minutes. Bachman’s five minutes on CNN may be their best all month in ratings.

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