Just one day away from President Obama’s State of the Union address, Tea Party patriot members are calling for budget cuts. No longer are GOP members specifically exempting defense from their plans. Cutting defense and canceling weapons is part of Tea Partiers mix of solutions. Especially for Republicans like Eric Cantor (R-VA), such hard choices may be difficult in a time of war. Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans programs were all listed as exempted in the GOP’s “Pledge to America”. But Cantor and others are open to cutting some defense programs.

Robert Gates agrees with Tea Party mix cutting defense spending

Defense Secretary Robert Gates agrees with Tea Party, supports cutting defense spending in mix of budget cuts. Image Source: Dept. of Defense.

With America facing a $1.3 Trillion dollar budget deficit, and nearly $14.1 Trillion dollar National Debt, curbing spending may seem like a reasonable idea. But not to President Barack Obama, who is still singing the old Liberal-Democrat tune of ‘Tax-and-Spend’ and ‘Bring-Home-The-Bacon’. Obama is expected to announce a new wave of ‘investments’ in his SOTU address Tuesday evening.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, already seeing the handwriting on the wall, has proposed some $78 Billion in cuts to the Defense Department’s $700 Billion dollar budget. Another $100 Billion in other cost-saving techniques may also be implemented over the next five years. A measure to return Federal spending levels to 2008 levels has already begun to move through the legislative process and another proposal to turn the clock back to 2006 levels is developing.

Mark Meckler of the Tea Party Patriots says “The widely held sentiment among Tea Party Patriot members is that every item in the budget, including military spending and foreign aid, must be on the table.” He adds “It’s time to get serious about preserving the country for our posterity.” Clearly, there is little support for more ‘stimulus’ programs from the Obama White House.

With Tea Party movement members urging Republicans to include cutting defense spending in future budgets, it will be interesting to see just how deep the cuts will go. ‘Battlelines’ are already being drawn as the GOP butts heads with Barack Obama over increasing the Debt Ceiling and plan to tie any increase with long-term spending cuts.

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